Times Syndication Services (Times of India Group, Gurgaon)

Application Process

I got this internship through college contacts.


7th May, 2015 to 7th June, 2015

First Day

The office is a glass building named TIMES INTERNET based in Gurgaon.

The organization is huge and the supervisors are quite friendly.

Main tasks

Drafting Legal Opinions, Guidelines, Research Documents & Contracts.


The supervisors are quite friendly and helpful, who make you feel that you are a part of the team.

They make you understand the core basics of this field and make you learn on the job.

Best things

The recognition so desired by interns is given to those who deserve it, and they are treated well.

Bad things




Biggest Lessons

This gave me an entire picture of working in a Media Law House.

The best thing about this internship is the experience & knowledge this organization will give you.


It was an enriching learning experience!


  1. What is the application procedure to apply for the internship?
    Tried sending the mail, visited the website, no replies so far. :/

  2. How can one apply for the internship as there is no Email id or any contact, if sir you please provide any further assistance for the contact it would be of great help.

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