Internship Experience @ Thiru and Thiru, Bangalore: Build Writing, Conversation and Drafting Skills



Exact Duration of the Internship

January 10, 2016 – February 6, 2016

Thiru and Thiru Internship was like :

“A Big fuss, with tiny result”

Reason For Interning at Thiru And Thiru

Thiru & Thiru is a Legal 500 recommended law firm. Founded in the year 1983. It has more than 50 dynamic lawyers, including partners, associate partners, associates, off-councils and consultants.

Functioning from four cities in India, Bangalore being the principal office.

They have also started BIMACC (Bangalore International Mediation Arbitration and Conciliation Centre) i.e. the alternative dispute resolution system which is associated with UNCITRAL. Moreover, its Bangalore’s first international alternative dispute resolution centre.

With a collective experience of over 275 years of its partners and associate partners, the firm offers expertise in various fields of law.

The Firm has a stringent way of hiring Interns, succeeding with 2 arduous rounds of selection process I made my way in to the office which happens to be situated in one of the prime localities of Bangalore.

As any budding law student would, at the chance of such an excellent opportunity, I was ecstatic and very much looking forward to a month of good professional as well as personal experience.

However, anyone interested can apply at

Well for its Unique Selling Point (U.S.P.) being contractual solution and various civil help.

I was of opinion to gain some of their drafting style and also basics of contract drafting with certain others advanced skills to make be a good advocate overall as Thiru and thiru is also known to provide a Finishing School, the first of its kind in India for various lawyers.

The Selection process

For an internship at thiru and thiru one has to be patient enough and should apply four months prior.

1.      Application Process:

Well its comparatively easy but hefty and time- consuming. Confused, let me explain it to you elaborately. Application process is pretty simple as you just have to apply at and need to follow up regularly.

The second part is a bit arduous. I had applied 2 months prior and regularly followed up but got a reply 2 months later reading “We cannot accommodate you in this month.”

But I was pretty determined about honing my skills with Thiru and Thiru, for which I kept asking for availability of a slot for my internship. As the saying, “Better Late Than Never”, my interview was lined up for the following month, which in principal meant my internship was pretty much accepted.

So, those really keen on interning with Thiru and Thiru, Bangalore should plan and apply 3 to 4 months prior to the desired period; and which must be followed up with sincere commitment.

2.      Interview-cum-Orientation Process:

The interview process is fairly simple, a brief orientation about the office precedes the Interview. The firm is very specific with respect to maintaining confidentiality and hence signing the clause only initiates the Internship.

3.      The Details Of Interview Round:

The interview is based on general HR questions revolving around your strengths and weaknesses, your aspirations, your dream, and whether you see yourself working as a litigation lawyer in few yrs. down.

For instance, in my situation, I had mentioned my field of interest as being a commercial lawyer and I was asked questions on the contrary area of laws based on current legal issue and my work towards my area of interest on the basics of my CV was also checked.

One of the associate was an alumnus from my college and was aware of my passion and hard work and also helped me to get this internship. Interview is based chiefly on the CV; regarding the work that one has done and how much one is versed with the paper presentations, moot scenarios and publications.

They are very accommodating; all they need is hard work and keen interest from the interns, which proved when they agreed to interview me on a later date for my classes being rescheduled.

The First Day of My internship 

It was like a dream come true.

As I entered the building It was like entering in my dream and as an advocate with full enthusiasm and fear in my mind and heart as was late on the first day, I entered the building.

I was walking those steps my heat beat was increasing the whole place was giving a mesmerizing smell of incense stick which made me feel a bit confident from inside and as I entered the office and at reception there was Sr. Partner and one of my mentor who enquired about me and at the same time I entered and Ma’am Asked: “Will You Be This Late everyday…” and my all confidence took a dive like the rupee against the dollar.

Later I was also given key objectives of internship the first being taking it seriously and the next was a confidentiality contract which they asked me to enter in with the firm and was also reminded throughout my internship of the contract clause that I signed with.

In the later Part of the day I met Sir “The Senior Most Partner at Thiru and Thiru, Bangalore” a Person of great skill and also a person whom I look up to. Even after achieving all the heights he was a very friendly person.

The whole building is Thiru and Thiru’s Office divided into three Floors of it the basement being parking, the ground floor being the reception.

After it the rest of it was the office of which the first floor is BIMACC Centre and the second floor is the main office where all the civil litigation team work and the last floor i.e. the third floor is the IPR sector.

Well for me being an intern and aspirant in IPR’s and also commercial laws was interested in matter of IPR Sector and also BIMACC as ADR being my keen area of interest which I have thoroughly developed in the course of my internship. But mainly as an intern the work I got was basically related with civil litigation department.

All About The Internship Programmee

Each intern at Thiru and Thiru is allotted an immediate mentor to whom he/she reports, who guides and coaches him/her.

They use the same general hierarchy as any other law firm it being Jr. Associates, Sr. Associates, Jr. Partner and Sr. Partner. All the interns will be mentored by extremely helpful, patient and experienced mentor i.e. both the Sr. Partners.

I made a good interaction with few Jr. Associate out which two of them left the office during the course of my internship. They were like my second mentor. This made me lose out on valuable face-time and I failed to obtain their necessary and invaluable updates when I was making my presentations and articles.

Oh yeah, during the course of the internship an intern has to make various articles and legal essay on contemporary legal issue and  at the end of his/her internship, the intern is supposed to make a presentation on a topic he/she may choose but which is ideally provided by the mentor.

The presentation subject deals with any topic that might be relevant to the firm’s business, and which might be a potential landmine or a magnet for lawsuits if the Legal team is not made aware of it.

Anyway, I digress, I will be coming back to this point later.

Problems @ Thiru and Thiru

While Working at Thiru and Thiru I encountered few most annoying things there; they have maintain a high level of secrecy and security thought the network boycotting you from accessing any mails, and secondly to get anything done, you need to cross a number of unnecessary protocol based hurdles that only serve to reduce efficiency in the name of keeping inventory.

The Gmail situation led to a no. of problem as you can only use internet on their PCS but can’t transfer data neither through USB drives nor through Gmails. This situation led to a number of problems and also reduce your efficiency level.

Basically you are left with no choice but to use their PC’s of Adams age which is slower than the tortoise of our fairy tales that we used to read as a child

The computers problem was probably the worse. Not only it reduces efficiency but those dim lids LCD panels leaves you with an eye ache.

The Work

Thiru and thiru is a like a universe in itself, though compact but provide all the facility from, IP to contract, Legal consultancy, Civil Dispute and Also alternative dispute solution system i.e. The Jack Of All Trade.

At Thiru and Thiru I was asked to work and test various different field from learning to drafting contract and visiting courts to learn the basics of civil litigation, and also on various forms of alternative dispute resolution system i.e. almost all the fields.

Making you decided the best for you. Well after this internship I have decided by area of law and have also seek guidance from the Sr. Partners on the same.

Well that being said both Sir and Ma’am are co-operative and also are eveready to guide you, help you. But if you are bold enough to ask them out for it. Whenever I have asked guidance have received in some form or the other.

It is generally said work is worship but its practicality can been seen @ Thiru and Thiru, Bangalore.

Over the course of my work I reviewed and analyzed various typed of Contractual Agreements, Master Services Agreements, researched on Indian Contracts Act, Trdaemarks Act and Negotiable Instruments Act, and other miscellaneous work that dropped off on me from time to time.

There are two division at their office the one managing various civil dispute and the other dealing with alternative dispute resolution and as an aspirant for A.D.R., I personally found it helpful specially the training session that they organized.

Moreover being the single intern at the office,I got a chance to work with my mentor most of the times which not only enhanced my legal skills but gave me a different and a mature outlook towards various legal aspects and life too.

Herein lay another problem with the internship. Most often I found myself siting idol at the office table some time the whole day goes by where I was mostly asked to do clerical stuff.

So, it adds to another problem that interns and also the Jr. Associates problem that one would face at Thiru and Thiru, Bangalore that being said less workload.

The legal team’s work is divided into three parts, Civil Litigation, Contracts and Arbitration. Our job was to read the rules, okay them, and then handover the game to the other departments to interact with.

Although things were pretty cool at the office but the working atmosphere was quite strict with the complete formal outlook and also rotation of seats just like was back in old school days.

The Articles and Presentation

During the course of your internship at Thiru and Thiru one will be asked to prepare various articles and presentations.

Unlike other legal firms and advocate chambers they review and edit and also helps you in modifying and making in a wonder of a world. Not only your writing skills modify and mature but also you learn to write like a real lawyer.

As I entered the office I was given the first topic of my essay i.e. “S/138 of Negotiable Instruments Act” later was asked to make an article related to “Infringements on Trademarks Act” and on “The Amendment of Commercial Courts Act” and as the conclusion of my internship I was asked to make a detail Article on“Daughter’s Right As A Co-parcener” and also a presentation on the same with giving a details on the recent i.e. 2015 Supreme Court’s Judgment.

Learnings At Thiru & Thiru

Despite all the idleness, and dissatisfactions I did get to learn a lot from this Internship:

1) Building Legal Writing Skills is something that you will definitely learn at your internship at Thiru and Thiru the Sr. Partners are very well equipped and have a great style that you could learn from this Internship like me.

2) Building Formal Conversation Skills is an essential learning at Thiru and Thriu. As Interns are asked to the ground level and also are asked to type various legal mails and also prepare several seminars speeches which not only improvises your formal way of speaking but built it inherently in your genes

3) Building your Drafting Skills is something that no one except Sr. Partners from Thiru and Thiru can,make you best at it. They teach you from the ground level to the advanced but if you are keen and interested at the same.

4) Understanding Contracts Better reading the fine print carefully and using logic to determine the viability of agreeing to the terms of the contract drafted by the other party.

I am still ambivalent regarding calling this a good internship or an unsatisfactory internship. On the one hand I encountered the aforementioned problems including lack of face time with my mentor which I personally feel led to my under-performing at work.

A Word For Future Interns at Thiru & Thiru, Bangalore :

Don’t treat this a mere opportunity

Work hard, do well

And take it seriously

This is your chance to climb up

The corporate ladder

And your chance

To chart out a brilliant career


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