Think India’s Social Internship Opportunity Anubhooti 7.0: Nominal Fee for Food and Accommodation



Anubhooti meaning ‘realization’ is an opportunity to learn from the experiences of the Real Life Role Models working at the grass-roots level of the society.

This Social Internship Project of  THINK INDIA in association with such pioneering Social Organisations, aims to bring synergies among students of top-most institutes of India and crusaders working for a social change.

7th Edition

Anubhooti – After successful completion of 6 editions, since its inception in 2012 summer, this social internship programme of Think India has become a mode for the students to meet, interact, work & learn from the individuals and organizations working at the grass root level of our society.

Almost all the internee felt that the founders, volunteers of these organisations are a rare breed, synonym to the word “Sewa” – selfless service to the needy without any expectations.

The feedback from the organisations show that the internees are in regular touch with the organisation even after the internship period and in a few cases the project / work undertaken by the internees has been useful in analysing and expanding the organisations work.

Gratified by the positiveness from both sides the organisers of Anubhooti, the Think India forum pleased to launch Anubhooti 7.0 – The Social Internship Programme, for the students of All India Premier Institutions.


The Internship Programme spans a minimum of either 7 or 15 days based on the organisation choosen & the project undertaken. And, requires the students to submit a report with photos & statistics of their activity or project undertaken in the organization, within two weeks of finishing the internship.

This project of Think India in association with some pioneering Social Organisations, aims to bring synergies among students of top-most institutes of India and crusaders working for a social change.

Terms and Conditions

1.Minimum period of internship shall be 7 days or 15 days based on the organisation chosen and work undertaken by the internee (extension up to 30 days allowed). For the ease of organisers, registrants are requested to decide and inform of the internship days well in advance.

2.Participants can choose their suitable dates from 1st Apr 2015 to 31st Jul 2015. Candidates willing to do internship outside this period can also apply, intimation in this regard will be given to them via mail.

3.Internship slots are limited; hence, early applications are appreciated.

4.Students shall submit their updated CV (strictly in the format specified in Annexure 1)

5.No registration fee is required.

6.No stipend will be given to the internee.

7.All expenditures incurred by internee to and fro to the place of reporting shall be borne by the internee itself. There is no provision for Travel Allowance.

8.Based on the competency of the student & type of project undertaken during the internship a nominal fee towards the expenses for Food & Accommodation incurred during the internship period will have to be borne by the internee. The internee will be confirmed about this amount (not exceeding Rs.1000 for a fortnight) during the selection process itself.

9. Internees shall maintain a daily diary of their activities.

10. Internee shall submit his/ her activity/project report with feedback (in the template provided) within a period of two weeks after completion of the internship period. The report shall be in a specified format and shall –

a) Capture a brief about the activity / project undertaken personally by the internee and not about the organisation’s various activities.

b) Capture the inspirational, instructive and enlightening moments of the internship.

c) Capture the highlights of the interactions of the internee with the founders/ workers/ beneficiaries of the organisation.

d)Emphasis on observations and social experience.

11. Completion of internship means completing all the required activities (specific to the organisation as provided to the internee), submitting the activity/project report and feedback form both in the specified format.

12. Certificate of internship will be provided on successful completion of internship.

13. The applicants and the internees are informed to check with Think India website and over e-mail for any updates in rules and information of Anubhooti.

Program Brochure can be accessed HERE.

Registration Form is HERE.


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