Internship Experience @ Think India UP Chapter, Allahabad High Court Lucknow Bench: Research Work, Visits to High Court

Name, College, Year

Sahitya Sriastava, II Year, Faculty of Law, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

Program of Internship

Think India UP Chapter ‘Vidhi Legal‘ internship program

About Think India

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Think India happens to be an active student organisation working in all premier academic campuses of the country and providing highest possible avenues for students to explore and develop there skills in there respective fields of study.

Selection Process

Think India UP Chapter invited applications for internships in  JULY-AUGUST 2018 at Lucknow Bench of Allahabad High Court. The applications were invited through online mode of google forms.

First Day Formalities, First Impression and Allocation of Advocates

After there (TI) due process of selection I received a mail informing that I had been selected for there internships and that I had to report at the destined venue and time prescribed in the mail. Later I also received a call by TI state convener Siddhartha Dubey Ji confirming the same details. He was also our internships coordinator and in-charge for the activities to be performed by interns.

On the first day we were briefed about the myriad activities of TI and various programmes being conducted by them in . We were also given elaborate details about the advocates present in the Think India’s panel of advocates. Since the batch was kept small so the interns were given an active chance to discuss and make there choice of advocates with whom they wanted to work with,the final decision was to be made depending on the advocates own choice of intern but almost every intern got approval of his first preference.

From the next day all the interns had to report to respective advocates at the High court and the Chambers of the advocates. Internship coordinator played an essential role during all these times and made sure that all interns were given entry into to the court premises, personally introduced each intern to his respective advocates inter alia.

About the internship

I was allocated to intern with the Advocate general of UP Adv. Raghvendra Singh Ji. I was introduced to him and initially he gave us to study cases present with Sh. Pradeep Singh Ji Additional Chief Standing Counsel. After which I got sufficient chances to study various other category of cases in the AG’s chamber at the HC along with a privilege to access the AG’s library.

We were instructed by him to visit the court proceedings of him and make notes of whatever we could understand there. He later on called us to check our notes and told us various details about the case.

During the course of internship I got ample chance to be present at court proceedings and diverse case files were given to me to prepare summaries and mock arguments. Different tasks were allocated to every intern each day which garnered a high amount of learning and experience everyday. We got diverse opportunities to visit various courts like the mediation center, consumer forum, sessions court to name a few.

About Think India Panel of Advocates

The TI panel of advocates at HC was the most promising thing which we got and it is especially worth mentioning about Adv. Desh Deepak Singh Ji he was actually available 24/7 for interns and answered even the most trivial questions to which a intern might be baffled.

Besides, he made us known everything from  preliminary levels to the highest levels of debate in the court, right from how a case was to be filed until how an order was given in a printed copy and every other thing in between.

Besides advocates like Sh. Pradeep Kumar Singh Ji, Sh. Vinod Shahi Ji, Sh. Mayankar Singh Ji who also happen to be government counsels for UP state were of great help and were available to queries anytime despite the heavy load of work they had.

Co-curricular Activities

TI also organizes different events apart from academic activities and following the same tradition a talk session was specially organised for the interns in which highly qualified dignitaries were invited as speakers. The event was totally managed by the interns and every intern took an active part in conducting it.

Overall Impression

Personally I loved every bit of internship and the numerous opportunities it provided to me. We were given chances to interact with various senior advocates in the High court and some interns also got chances to meet judges at the high court. All of them gave interns plentiful time,discussing various topics and asking questions on random topics.

Under the aegis of Think India I practically got a chance to explore various processes involved in the working of the High Courts and various other courts.

Disclaimer: Internship experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus official views on the internship.

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