The West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences’ Post Graduate Diploma in Air and Space Law: Registration Open

The West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences’ Post Graduate Diploma in Air and Space Law (PGDASL)

About the Course

Air and Space Law has become one of the most important branches of law in the recent period of time. The scientific and technological developments in the field of air and space are so rapid that they have posed challenge to the legal fraternity, since the first and second half of the twentieth century respectively.

While the legal response to air technology has been primarily at the municipal level, despite a number of conventions at the international level, the legal response to space technology has been primarily at the international level, though now it is percolating into the municipal sphere.

At present, the significance of Air Law and Space Law needs no explanation due to indispensible uses of airspace and outer space for the purposes ranging from commercial to military.

The increasing volume of disputes in the field of air and space has also resulted in the manifold increase in the legal practitioners working in the field of air and space at developed countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, Japan, France, Australia etc.

Keeping this in mind, the Post Graduate Diploma in Air and Space Law (PGDASL) is a unique initiative undertaken at NUJS, Kolkata. The Course is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of Air Law and Space Law along with some fundamental principles of public international law related to air and space. The course would be extremely useful to the candidates having wide-ranging background, from legal to scientific.

Course Duration

One year


Distance Education

Qualification Required

Bachelor degree in any discipline from a recognized University.

The course is also open to those candidates who are in the final year of Bachelor degree. However, the granting of the Degree (PGDASL) is contingent upon the successful completion of the Bachelor degree by the candidate.


Paper I – International Law Basis of Air and Space Law

Paper II – Fundamentals of Air and Space Law

Paper III – Emerging Issues in Air Law

Paper IV – Emerging Issues in Space Law

Paper V – Dissertation


Paper I to IV would consist of individual project in each paper and annual examination. Submission of projects is mandatory for appearing in the annual examination.

Paper V would be a dissertation of about 50 to 60 pages on a topic chosen by the candidate in consultation with the teacher concerned. It would also contain a Viva-voce examination.

Study Material

The study material on paper I to IV would be provided to the candidates during the first session of contact classes. Same would be sent by post to the candidates who do not attend the first session. The candidates are expected to refer library and work on the course even before receiving the study material.

Library Access

All the candidates are entitled to have access to NUJS library on all working days. Contact classes: 12 hours per subject (except paper V). A session on research methodology would also be held to facilitate the writing of dissertation.

The classes would be held in three sessions for three days each at NUJS premises. The information about the contact classes would be provided in the course of time. Attending the contact classes is optional.

Marks Allocation

Total marks would be 500. Papers I to IV would carry 100 marks each, which includes 30 marks for projects and 70 marks for final examination. The dissertation would be evaluated out of 70 marks and remaining 30 marks are allotted for Viva-voce examination.

Passing Marks

Minimum 40% of marks must be obtained by the candidates to pass a paper.


The final examination would be conducted annually in the month of March/April.

Maximum Period

The candidate must complete the course by obtaining minimum passing marks within three years from registration. Upon the failure to complete the course within stipulated period, the registration of the candidate gets cancelled.

The candidate, if willing, must register afresh by following the usual procedure prescribed for first admission.

Fee Structure & Payment Guidelines

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Contact Address

Dr. Sandeepa Bhat B. Coordinator, PGDASL The WB National University of Juridical Sciences 12 LB Block, Sector III, Salt Lake Kolkata – 700098, West Bengal, INDIA

Phone: +9133 – 23357379 / 0534 / 0765 [Extn: 1180] Mobile: +91 8762131608 / 9903854794

E-mail: [email protected]

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