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The Syndicate MUN, Delhi [7-9 July]: Delegation Registrations Open

By: Disha Devadas | May 24, 2017

Dates of Syndicate MUN

7th – 9th July, 2017

Venue of the Syndicate MUN

New Delhi

Delegate Fee

Rs. 1500 for Registration + Rs. 3500 for accommodation

Registration Procedure for the Model United Nation

To Register: Fill up the form HERE.

The registration can only be done via Delegation. Minimum number of delegates in a delegation is 15.

The delegation can be from school/college/institution/university deemed will be counted separately / organisation.

Committees and Agendas

a. UNGA (DISEC): Creation of an international framework for regulation of prospective military presence in outer space

b. UNGA (SOCHUM): Preventing and Countering extremism and radicalisation with special emphasis  on US and Europe

c. UNGA (SPECPOL): Global Partnership in governance of global commons

d. HRC: International  obligation of states on fulfilment of human rights

e. ICJ: Obligation to negotiate access to Pacific Ocean

f. European Union :Relocation and resettlement of refugees add with reference to revisiting Dublin Regulation and improving border patrol

g. UNSC: Emergency meeting of the UN Security Council on the Situation in the Middle East with special emphasis on the US Airstrikes in Syria

h: UNFCCC: Reviewing matters hindering the progressive implementation of The Paris Agreement


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