Internship Experience @ The Resolve Guru [Online Internship]: Research and Write on Consumer Issues

Name of the intern

Archit Gupta, National Law Institute University, Bhopal, V Year

Name of the organisation and contact details

It was an online internship at an organisation named The Resolve Guru (formerly known as Your Kamaan Legal Solutions Pvt. Ltd).

The work of this organisation is based on resolving consumer disputes and providing legal advice to the aggrieved consumers.

It charges a nominal amount for their work and tries to sort out matter with the senior officials of the concerned company/organisation.

It believes that litigation should be used as last resort. If one wishes to file a complaint with the consumer court, it provides all necessary documentation and takes care of your need to visit the consumer forums.

The office is located at A-57, Chattarpur Enclave-II, New Delhi- 74

Duration of internship

10th April, 2015 – 10th August, 2015. As mentioned before, it is an online internship and one is free to decide duration for the internship.

The coordinator will decide your workload after discussing it with you. One is allowed to relax during assignments submissions and examinations.

Application procedure

I applied for this internship after going through a post on Lawctopus. I mailed my resume and a writing sample to the given email id and received confirmation within 1 week.

It was informed about the nature of work by Himanshu Sir through telephone and was given task according to my university schedule.

If one wants to apply for this online internship, then he can reach at

One should also check Lawctopus where internships opportunities are regularly published.

They are not looking out for academically bright students or those who are merely from NLUs. A prior experience in an online research internship or an internship involving consumer laws would do.


Initially my internship was fixed for one month and I was asked to prepare 20 summaries of judgments per week of National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission and email same to them.

Main tasks

I started with reading about consumer law and how a consumer forum/commission works. After that a sample summary was given and I was asked to prepare summaries of various state commissions and national commissions according to the sample.

All judgments are available on the website of the national commission. While it might sound monotonous at first, it becomes very interesting when one reads the contentions of both parties.

The defaulters who are usually in a better financial position will try every trick to harass the aggrieved consumer, but the stand taken by national commission must be appreciated.

In most of these judgments, I have found that the national commission has refused to look into technicalities and decided the matter purely on the basis of natural justice. It is surprising to note that a separate litigation fees is awarded to the winning party.

Such kind of award is not permissible under any other field of law. The commission also ensures that heavy interest is paid in case of default of payment of award by the winning party. The main culprits are the insurance and banking companies.

The real estate and medical sector are also not far behind. The argument of these companies is that they are following the standard practice in the industry or that the consumer did not go through the terms and conditions in a proper manner.

I found several cases where companies preferred an appeal against the decision of the State Commission, but had to pay heavy damages for wasting the time of the commission.

I was later given the task of writing for their new blog. I was required to research and write in a lucid manner so that a layman would be able understand it.

These blogs were aimed to make consumer aware about how to deal with frauds and scams committed in various sectors. I was required to work on real estate sector.

After writing few blogs, I realised that buying your own house or your own land is probably very cumbersome is our legal system.

It is quite surprising that some of the prominent defaulters were government departments who are under statutory obligation to handover the possession of the plot or of house on time and without creating any hassles for the consumer.

The tricks used by various government departments to shun their responsibility will put any citizen to the shame. In some cases, the national commission also ordered departmental action against erring officers.

Some research work was also given on Insurance and Banking sectors. It helped me to understand the in-house mechanisms of these sectors and ombudsman who are supposed to provide redressal to the aggrieved consumers.

The ombudsmen have limited scope as they are not independent and don’t have power like courts or tribunals. During research, I found that people prefer to approach consumer forum/commission as compliance rate is very high. The orders of ombudsman are usually sent for appeals in regular courts.

Work Environment

I was working under Himanshu Sir. He was very cordial and explained me the functioning of the organisation in a very detailed manner.

He would often grant me extensions during my university assignments or examinations. If there was any error in the task, he would politely ask to reframe the summary and send it on time.


There was no stipend during my internship. The certificate was sent to me through speed post.

Overall, my experience was excellent and I would definitely recommend this internship for anyone who is interested in consumer laws. One can learn a lot about consumer law while sitting at home or college.

The link of the website is HERE.

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