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The NLUO Literary Festival Report: Day 1 and 2

By: The Admin | August 9, 2014

By Shreya Agarwal

The walls of the hostel buildings were adorned with lights, yellow and blue. Actually, they seemed to turn the colour you wanted them to. Such was the magic!

The Academic Block had delightful posters hanging from the walls on both the sides and in between these posters ran the customary, yet never-too-old, red carpet.

The whole stretch of corridor parallel to this end, had various food stalls to feed hungry stomachs.

The hungry minds, were being taken care of some feet away in an enclosure made to seat approximately 100 people.

NLU-O had not witnessed an event this grand in its 5 years of life (yes, we’re still a blooming, young law school).

So, when The First NLUO Literary Festival happened, the bookworms were obviously excited! It was quite literally a feast for us.

The Festival promised all kinds of goodies that a good literary festival would need- from a Book Fair, to talk shows and book readings with eminent authors, to competitions like Karaoke Singing, Quiz, Drama Competition, to writing competitions inviting entries for subjects ranging from blogging to adventure and travel writing to food, poetry, prose and the favorite of one and all, love.

The talk shows ranged from the thought provoking ideas on the importance of Indian Mythology shared by the well-known feminist-cum-mythologist writer Ms. Arshia Sattar elaborating on her intellectual obsession with the much-debated character of Lord Rama, to the playfully insightful talk of Mr. Chandrahaas Choudhary on the “7 ways a novel can change our lives”. Mr.Choudhary has authored the award-winning novel Arzee the Dwarf, which is soon to be made into a movie. It was an intellectually stimulating and satisfying experience to say the least- our brains had a good warming up session.

Mr. Chandrahaas Choudhary
Mr. Chandrahaas Choudhary

The thought provocation continued with the award- winning journalist Ms. Vartika Nanda’s ideas on the steamy topic women empowerment. Ms. Nanda, was awarded the Stree Shakti Puraskar in 2013 and has published the acclaimed works Thi, Hoon, Rahungi.. and a compilation of poems expressing the anguish of the female inmates of the Tihar Jail, titled Tinka Tinka Tihar.

To lighten up the intellectually heated up environment, we had Mr. Pushpesh Pant, who helped us ‘blow off the steam’ with his brutally honest sense of humor.

His talk show on Food and the frequent  comparisons of food with sex definitely left us college-goers with grins (of all kinds) on our faces.

Ms. Vartika Nanda
Ms. Vartika Nanda

Right now, even as we look eagerly forward to another session with Ms. Nanda and Mr. Altaf Tyrewala (author of the unconventional No God in Sight and claimed by some to be more deserving of the award which Mr.Arvind Adiga now holds), three cheers come out straight from the hearts of us hungry bookworms for the Literary and Debating Society of NLU-Odisha, Krotova, for putting up this amazing show and we hope that an even bigger feast awaits us next year! 🙂

The event’s Facebook page is here. They are conducting quite a show!

Shreya Agarwal is a 4th year law student at NLUO.

The post was first published on her blog Star in the Boulevard here.

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