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Jus Cultura, the Literary, Debating and Quizzing Society at NLIU Bhopal, is pleased to announce the fourth edition of its annual flagship event, the NLIU Debate from 9th October to 11th October, 2015.

Keeping up the rich debating tradition of NLIU Bhopal, we attempt to bring the nation’s best debaters on common platform for an electrifying interaction and stimulating experience.

Tournament Details

As is tradition, the format will continue to be 3- on- 3 Asians Parliamentary with N=1 rule for adjudicators.

The tournament is open to cross institutional teams, but speakers must be enrolled in an academic institution at the time of participation (including students pursuing Masters or post graduate courses). This rule does not apply to adjudicators.

Prize money worth INR 1,50,000/- is up for grabs under the following categories:

Best Team – Rs. 30,000

Runners up – Rs. 18,000

Best Adjudicator – Rs. 12,000

Best Speaker – Rs. 10,000

There are also prizes for the Semi- Finalists, Quarter Finalists, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Best Adjudicators and 2nd Best Speaker.

Adjudication Core

The reins of a successful debate are in the hands of the Adjudication Core and to help our event attain that watermark of success, we have brought together a spectacular panel consisting of veterans who have been recognised for their proficiency and skill in debating at both national and international platforms:

Aparna Raturi, Chief Adjudicator at the M.S. Ramaiah Memorial Parliamentary Debate ’15, the NUALS Kochi – Asians Parliamentary Debate Tournament ’14 and the First Women’s Debating Championship (IWDC) ’15 and best Adjudicator at the Thadani Memorial Debating Tournament, Hindu College, ’14.

Parnil A. Urdhwareshe, an alumnus of NLIU, has been one of the most successful debaters in the national circuit over the last few years. Having broken to the Octa-finals at UADC ‘14, his team has won INDC ‘14, SRCC ’14, PEC ’13, Nirma ’12 and NH-65 (NLU Jodhpur) ‘12 and reached the finals at BITS ’14, Ramjas ’14 and Nirma ’13. He has also won numerous individual speaker awards, including best speaker at INDC ’14, PEC ’13, NLSD ’13 and Nirma ’13. He has also been a member of the Adjudication Core at the MSRIT and ILNU debates in the year 2014.

Rahul Seth, Winning team member at the 12th Nani Palkhivala Memorial Debate, 2014; 11th Premchand Memorial Debate, The Hindu College, Parliamentary Debate 2014; the 7th NUJS Parliamentary Debate, Januar 2014. He as also been named Best Adjudicator at the Sri Ram Memorial Debate ‘Crossfire’, the SRCC Parliamentary Debate, 2014; NLIU Bhopal Debate 2013 and Gambit, the SRCC fresher’s Parliamentary Debate , September 2013.

Nayan Banerjee, Winner at MSR 2015, The NLIU Debate 2014, Malhar (St. Xaviers’, Mumbai) 2015. Finalist at NALSAR 2014 and RV 2014, Best adjudicator at St. Stephens’ 2012, Best Speaker at MSR 2013. He was also the Breaking Adj at IIT Bombay 2013, Premchand 2012, IIT Delhi 2012 and National Law School Bangalore from 2012-15.

Registration Details

The registration for individual participants will be phased out in two stages:

Early birds can avail a concessional registration fee of 2000 if they register by the 10th of September 2015.

The standard Tournament Registration fee from the 11th of September, 2015 is INR 2200.

This fee will include accommodation for the dates of the competition, as well as transport between the University campus and the accommodation.

We ensure all the participants that they will be treated to at an enjoyable break night party and comfortable accommodation.

Adjudication Subsidy

We will also be providing adjudicator subsidies to a maximum of five adjudicators. Interested persons are requested to send their application along with a detailed CV to

Looking forward to a superb three days of illuminating discussion and debate! Let’s keep calm and debate on!

For any queries, get in touch with us on our Facebook page HERE or contact the following:

Soham Maheshwari: +91- 8120 -419922

Bhargava Bhat:+91 -8762 -176525

Vaishali Vinod:+91 -8109 -000226

Sanjana Aravamudhan: +91-7692-883603

So, book your slots as soon as possible and do register by the 30th of September, 2015 by clicking HERE.

More information can be found HERE.


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