The Lives of Legal UPSC Rankers: How do you stack up?

By Yalini Ravi

Approximately 21 law school graduates grabbed enviable ranks in the top 1500 UPSC Civil Services Exam 2015.

These brilliant individuals have reached this place by investing time and spectacular amounts of hard work.

Here’s a peek into their lives :

Saket M (Rank 14) and Vinayak Varma (Rank 168) from NLSIU, and Abdal M Akhtar (Rank 35) from NALSAR all worked at brilliant places like J Sagar Associates, Allen & Overy and the legal department of ITC.

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Some are talented writers like Abhishek Tripathy (Rank 151), who headed the NUJS Law Journal which assisted SC judges in the gay rights appeal; one of his articles has also been featured in The Caravan Magazine here.

George Thomas (Rank 548) from NLSIU, an established parliamentary debater also made an editorial cameo in the Hindustan Times here.

Harshit Bansal (Rank 333) from NLU D while giving advice for civil exams on Quora says “Keep reading a good newspaper and magazine to stay in touch of current affairs. Instead of YouTube or some tube random videos, make Wikipedia your friend. You can choose to familiarise yourself with CSE syllabus now, and follow newspaper religiously and keep daily diary of big things happening or concept and terms you learn on daily basis.” (You can find his entire answer on surviving law school here).

Others have been academically brilliant like Paramvir Singh (Rank 29) who was awarded the Prof. Ghanshyam Singh Cash Prize in Civil Procedure endowed by Bodh Raj Sawhney Memorial Trust when he graduated from NLU D.

He put in copious amounts of effort, he remembers it during an interview to HT saying “I took some coaching from Delhi before the prelims. I used to give about five hours daily for studies”.

Abhijeet Kaplish (Rank 15) from Punjab University beams as he tells HTI always wanted to be an IAS officer as it was my father and grandfather’s dream. I am happy that I could make them proud today”.

So, celebrating their success and drawing inspiration, how well do you stack up?

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