The Lawctopus’ Summer Internship Experience Writing Competition 2013 [HAS YOUR INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE BEEN PUBLISHED?]

Many of you have asked “When do results come”?

Well, we’ve received lots of entries. Thank you for that!

Now, some are at and some at Some are in a word document, some are in a form, some as email responses. Some of you have sent 4 internship experiences. So, organisation has been a problem.

15th September: We’ll publish all the internship experiences.

By 20th September October 5: You can inform us if we’ve missed publishing your internship experience.

October 1st October 7: RESULTS.

By October 10th- All of you should receive the prize money.

The Lawctopus’ Summer Internship Experience Writing Competition 2013

Share your summer internship experience and get paid for doing that!



1. NGOs/Research Organisations (an internship experience at an NGO or a research organisation)

2. Law Firms

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3. Lawyers

4. Others (Companies, PSUs LPOs, etc.)



1st prize: Rs. 5000

2nd prize: Rs. 4000

3rd prize: Rs. 3000

The prizes are applicable for EACH category. So in all we are giving out 4 X 12=48,000 rupees!


Criteria for adjudication:

1. Well-written: Also, don’t be boring. You can write more than what the form provides for and put in some personal experiences

2. Detailed, complete and helpful: We love details; details help us all make informed choices about our internships. Though there is no word limit, we expect a minimum of 700 words.

Including helpful details (like the internship contact email ID) and being complete (including the good and the bad) make good earnings.

Our editors (Tanuj, Neeati and Shreya) will adjudicate on the above 2 points

3. Social media rating: The 3rd prize of Rs. 3000 in each category will be awarded to the post with the most number of social media points

NOTE: The internship experience shared MUST be for an internship completed this summer (April 1-July 30).


The last date for submitting entries is August 10.

Submit your entries here (using a a form) or here (using MS word+email)


Other things:

1. Copyrights over the write-ups will vest with us

2. We can update/change/cancel this competition in case sufficient entries are not received

3. We might publish the best write-ups in a book; time and resources permitting

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Disclaimer: We try to ensure that the information we post on Lawctopus is accurate. However, despite our best efforts, some of the content may contain errors. You can trust us, but please conduct your own checks too.

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