Internship Experience @ The Hindu, Hyderabad: Transform Your Writing Skills


Krishna Pallavi V.

1st year, CoLS, Upes (Dehradun).

Name of the Organisation, City, Office Address, How was the Office?

The Hindu, Hyderabad.

Address: Kasturi & Sons Ltd, 6-3-879 & 879B, Begumpet, Hyderabad-500016.

The Office is situated in the middle of the City and is connected well. It is advised not to judge the Office building by its Exterior appearance.

Though the exterior part of the building might seem a little old, the interior is beautiful with Glass and wooden doors and brightly lit cubicles.

Interns work under the editorial team, which is on the second floor of the building.

Application Procedure and Contact Details

I sent an e-mail to [email protected] to which a prompt reply was received, asking me to send my CV and the University recommendation letter.

Soon I sent it; I received a reply in a couple of days inviting me to join their internship program for three weeks. (The internship is generally of four weeks, but due to time crisis I had the opportunity to work only for three weeks)

However, one can also apply by calling up on the Main office number: 044-28576300.

A pointer: Make sure you structure your CV properly and you’re in.

Duration of the Internship, Timings, Days per week

16th Dec 2015- 6th Jan 2016.

Timings: 2:30 pm-6:30 pm.

Days per week: 6 days per week.

Why “The Hindu”?

One of the most confused situations of a 1st semester law student is: where to intern? and I was one of them. I glossed through all the reviews on Lawtopus and somehow the reviews by few first year students at the various “The Hindu” Offices grabbed my attention.

It is a known fact that writing is the proclivity of a lawyer and the habit of writing is assumed to be inculcated when one is in their initial days of law school.

In the transition stage of passing out from High school to University not a lot of them are introduced to the formal writing and so was I.

Being a 1st semester Law student, I did not know much of the law and hence, wanted to utilise my first internship at a place where I could learn something productive and improve my writing skills and get in touch with the formal writing and drafting styles.

And who can teach this better? The Newspaper Agencies. Hence, the next minute I dropped a mail for an internship at THE HINDU and here I am with successful completion of it.

First Day, First impression, Formalities

I was very nervous on the first day as it was the first time for me to step up into a newspaper scene. However, my intimidation was soon gone, when the receptionist accompanied me to the Resident Editor’s office.

He was the most humble and approachable man ever. He spoke to me for a couple of minutes and later introduced me to the chief bureau who demonstrated me the work profile.

Editors at The Hindu are always ready to guide an intern on his/her personal choice of work. I wished to report, sub edit articles and do some feature writing. According to this, I was put under the concerned editors.

Interns were also sent to report on particular stories.

Work Tasks

Initially, I was given a lot of desk work like typing up the press notes etc.

Depending on how I could edit the press releases spontaneously and precisely, the editor then allowed me to work on the reports bought down by various reporters of the newspaper.

Compiling the relevant information and forming a story was the next job. Lastly, I was introduced to feature writing where I worked on three stories and among them one got published in the newspaper with authorship credits.

Work Environment, People, Best things

I loved going to the office everyday, as the people around there were very jolly and humble. Right from the receptionist to the editors everyone treats you like a baby.

One of the most unforgettable things of this place was the editors under whom I worked. They were never rude to me, no matter how many ever mistakes I made while writing articles.

Instead, after each and every article I wrote, they always acknowledged and guided me as to how I could improve and write the next article better.

This way, I improved my writing skills day by day and at the end of the internship I could feel a huge difference in the way I write.

Another thing I can never forget about this place was its filmy environment. I could see reports running up and down gathering information for the story and the editors busy framing and editing them.

What one reads on the newspaper, is the immense hard work of many people trying to provide substantive information to their readers.

Also, there is a canteen on every floor of the office, where one could munch in some snacks when wanted.

And of all, a publication in the newspaper with authorship credits adds puts you on a next level.

Overall the experience was amazing and i wish to get back there for another month of internship.

Bad things

Absolutely nothing.

It is THE HINDU, how could you expect something bad?



Biggest lessons

Writing skills, Spontaneity, formal writing techniques (which will help one, when they write their research papers)


I belonged to Hyderabad, hence I wasn’t in a need of a PG or a hostel to stay. However, if one wishes to intern at THE HINDU, Hyderabad office, there are plenty of PG’s nearby

Suitable for?

This internship is suitable for 1st year students as there is not much of a legal work to do. Also, for all those who envisage a career in legal-journalism, this is a perfect platform.

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