The Heart-break of a Fat Girl

By Prachi Sharma, 4th year, Academy of Law, MJRP University, Jaipur.

A real story – Story of Nora ! Which is quit different from any other love – romantic story, its is unusual or may a story of any other fat girl.

A story with 3 words of her life, 3 Magical Words – You are FAT!

Unlike every girl’s dream to listen 3 magic words, even she has one to listen 3 magical words from one she use to adore from very childhood, Nora and Ragga are childhood buddies, they use to play together in garden of their colony, they visit same kinder garden school in same class, in same cab one who came to pick them from Nora’s home.

Both kids grown up quit fast.

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Nora grew up chubby — not fat, but just chubby. She didn’t really mind until she entered grade seven, where, in a new setting, she saw that all the girls of her age weighed less than 110 pounds at the age of twelve or thirteen.

She was ten pound heavier than the majority of the girls in her class.

When she was in grade nine, after an entire summer of exercising, body flex, and healthy eating, she went from a size nine to a size seven, 136 pounds, and 5’5 — perfectly healthy for a girl of 14, completed with curves; but guess what?

Her friends didn’t really care, because she was still the biggest of them all, and every day she feel so horrible because they’re so much skinnier than her, even though she’s the tallest, but she is chubby; boys in her class talk to the skinnier girls more, and it’s actually almost obvious that all of her friends are glad that she is bigger than them.

Even in a supportive environment people are very judgmental in their hearts; she’s still struggling with her weight, and her parents aren’t helping.

Her parents want her to be pretty and skinny and when she’s upset over how much she way, they always blame her and say that she eat too much, that she don’t exercise enough, and blame each other for letting her eat so much.

She really, really don’t know what to do with her self-esteem can’t take so much comparison.

Ragga grew up as pampered child, he was blessed with fair skin and thin-lean body with little muscles around shoulder’s, unlike Nora.

Now they are Law college going grownup’s in the age of 20.

It is an age of everything just so perfect; there is nothing to worry much, a lot of friends and fun.

Nora was a studious child and a happy-go-lucky personality.

Ragga was a fun-loving guy, but not so good in studies.

Nora suddenly got attracted to the fun-loving ragga, his life thrills her and she use to watch him from the corner of her eyes.

Ragga use to hang around with friends, Nora use to sit in library instead. He had number of friends though she is stick to two’s or three’s. He used to workout in morning and evening while she use to work at home or go round with her books.

For Ragga, Nora was living in boredom, and for Nora, Ragga was over enjoying freedom.

Both Of them were totally opposite from each other.

So, Now Nora started noticing Ragga but a little. Now, Nora can feel a pleasant fragrance, around her she was totally unaware about what’s going on and what will going to happen.

One fine day when Nora just woke up she notice Ragga is still working out in a garden nearby, she wore her sleepers and go for a walk, they both smile and great each other from eyes.

She recollects all her power, courage and walk slowly toward Ragga, but he was busy with his phone and smiling, so she suddenly changed her way and step toward her home back.

Day’s passes by and they use to pass smile and great each other, Nora was happy with the slow process.

They become good friends, they use to study together, sit in garden together.

Now Nora is working hard over exercise to make herself perfect to stand next to Ragga, they both share a lot of good moments together. She used to do his law assignments and he use to buy chocolates and gifts for her, which she use to keep in her room separately. They used to hug in joy and become emotional sometimes. They seemed perfect.

Ragga was improving in his law grades because of Nora, and she is improving in her health because of Ragga.

A bright morning comes up, with bright sun she decided to confess her love to ragga, the boy of her dreams , unlike everyone else he supports her, he understands her, and she was walking toward his house with bundle of thoughts, bundle of things she want to tell, bundle of dreams she wish to share.

She entered with the door slowly, making-up her mind again and again, spark of joy in eyes, the stares toward his room is never-ending today, there is some whispering coming from the room, she opened the room to get a glance whats happening inside.

A breath-taking seen it was, Ragga was playing with a girl in his arm’s. Nora bust into tears, she enters in to disturb them, with full energy she shouts ‘Ragga I love you‘, Ragga got apart from the other girl and laughed said so ‘Look at you Nora, are you dumb, you’re nowhere around me and my personality‘.

‘YOU ARE FAT’. Her eyes were full of tears ‘But… I think you like me too‘.

Ragga shares a big laugh with her girl and said “O please Nora there is no one who can like you anyhow, I was just petty on you, your kind girl only like food and  may be food like you as well… But me ? No ways”.

Ragga pushed her back and close the door on her face. She runs back in her doom and hide herself deep on bed by couple of bad thoughts striking in her mind, she was feeling broken, all her dreams were broken by those three words, she know that in love 3 magical words can change life but her life and dreams were ruined by 3 words, “You Are Fat”.

And May be Ragga was right on his place, no guy want a full flesh girl, Have One glance at matrimonial pages and the truth is quite different.

Everyone wants a fair bride and a tall, slim one would be a plus.

We list education after we write out the beauty and body dimensions.

Look around at the various magazine stands and what you get are bundles of pages selling a dream that we can’t stop aspiring for – a bikini-perfect figure, fair skin and gorgeous hair.

In our society a girl is judged by her body, her size.

But love has no size, it is sizeless.

If any girl agrees for a plus size man than why a guy need a small woman.

Grab a woman who have good heart, loves you and take care you and your family.

Be a man accept a girl who loves you by heart.

Now Nora, is a girl with pale eyes, full of tears, there is no love in eyes, if anyone can see deeply there are few secrets hidden from world but No LOVE.

Because those three words ruin her life and trust from word LOVE is torn apart.

Her BIG heart is hidden behind her BIG Body.

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