The Every Intern’s Everyday Story : Hope Amidst Rejection

By Neeati Narayanย 

Life is an endless cycle of drafting and redrafting cover letters, CV’s, phone-calls and follow-ups right now. Where are these efforts being diverted to, you ask? Well, I have been trying to get a summer internship from the inception of 2013.

Fact is, I am a poor, contact-less kid in this huge, rude world. There’s no godfather in the legal field resting a “jugaadu” hand over my head. So I need to watch out for myself and need to get things on my own.

A great level of dedication is needed to draft the perfect CV and a cover letter, then mail it to the firms, then perform follow-ups without sounding like an obnoxious stalker. This is what transpired when I called up a Tier 2 firm:

Me– Hi. I need to talk to the head of the HR department.

Receptionist – We don’t have any department of that sort.

Me – All right, someone who deals with appointing interns?

Receptionist – Okay, I will redirect you to him.

—-After 3 minutes 40 seconds of waiting—-

Receptionist – He is not in right now. Call later. [Hangs up!]

So I try a different approach.

Me – Hi, I need to talk to someone who can help me with this legal problem which involves 40 Lacs worth of share investment deal? [-something on these lines-]

Receptionist – Sure ma’am. I will patch you to a legal consultant in a minute.

—-Infact, she patches me in within clocked 30 seconds—

Me – Yeah, okay! Well, actually I am a prospective intern. I needed to do this because your receptionist SUCKS.

Associate – Um, you can get sued for this.

Me – Uh, no. I cannot get sued for this. I was expecting you to praise my cleverness and immediately offer me an internship at your firm. I mean, this is how stuff happens, right? YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!

Associate – I am going to disconnect this call right away to save both of us from any further embarrassment.

Me – One day, you are going to run after me, you know? To sign me up for this damned firm.

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Rejection is a part of your life when you are a contact-less law student. I have accepted this fact and am trying to not strangle all these law firms one by one. It is frustrating, really. I work hard on academics, take part in moot courts, take up various projects, do all this karma and get treated like this?

However, things are not that bad altogether and my faith persists irrespective of all these let-downs. I recently got a law-firm internship at a Tier 3 firm dealing with Intellectual Property Right on my own.

That felt really great and provided me with the moral support I really needed. This proves that if you put in the requisite (and more) hard work, show unshakable determination and possess the hunger to go out and ‘grab it by the neck’, you will get it. Bottomline, it is all worth it.

I am one of the most pessimistic people you will find out there but even I can tell you, all hope is not lost. Rest assured, there are people out there who do read your CV’s, comb through those hard-earned achievements and make an informed decision.

The world revolves on hope. We should too.

Neeati is a Lawctopus’ Campus Journalist at Symbiosis Law School, Pune.

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