Internship Experiences: A Mix of Various Internships; Cumulative


Name of the intern


Name of your college

Army Institute of Law, Mohali

Name of the course and year of study

B.A LL.B | 2nd year

Name and address of the organisation

I have shared the experience of all the internships in a single write up in the “Anything else” section.

Duration of internship

How did you apply for the internship?

LinkedIn and Internshala

First day formalities, infrastructure, first impression

I was surprised completely. The infrastructure was not as I expected.

It was very difficult to manage but now I am used to it and in-fact love it.

Main Tasks

Research, drafting, writing content, communicate with people

Work Environment

The environment was good but not as expected. I witnessed crowd and fuss everywhere.

Good Things

Got to learn a lot and communicated with people and tried to understand their problems.

Bad Things

In some internships, the internship provider is not bothered about imparting knowledge but only about getting their work done by the interns.

I have shared the whole experience in the “Anything else” column.


No stipend

Details about accommodation and commute

At home only due to the Pandemic.

Anything else?

The Era of Online Internships  

With the emergence of CoVID-19, there has been a lot of alterations in each and every aspect of life. One such change, in the life of students, is the mode of their internships.

In this article, I will be sharing a glimpse of my experience.

We were the first batch in a completely online mode, due to the pandemic. I was in a dilemma as to how can I make my life at law school better in terms of academics or how can I build my CV.

One of the options was to just sit and enjoy at home and the second was to adapt to the present situation and work in the online mode itself. I chose the latter.

Now when we talk about internships in the online mode, we can categorize them into three groups:

1. Where nobody is bothered about what you are doing

You get a certificate even if you just copy paste the work allotted but nobody cares.

I did one such internship but still it taught me the value of honesty as I was not happy when I received my certificate because obviously it was not something which I deserved.

That was the first and the last internship where I adopted this way of working.

2. Where they keep a check of each and everything

Your work here is checked and reviewed.

You cannot use shortcuts and you know that from the very beginning. Such internships taught me the real meaning of hard work and I got to see the positive results in my life.

3. Where innovative methods are used to incorporate skills in a student

I remember doing a couple of online internships where we were taught about the practical aspect of law. I was able to witness online hearings, learnt leadership qualities, team work and much more.

People told me that, “there is no value of such internships”.

People even felt that I am doing all this just for the sake of a certificate.

But at the end, I am the one who got to know the importance of all these internships and how they moulded me and helped me in improving my personality and skills.

This is not the end of my journey with internships. After doing all the online ones, it was time for me to work on the ground level.

Yes, my first offline internship. Online mode taught me a lot but nothing can replace the offline internship and its quality.

I went to the Hon’ble District Court for the first time and was surprised to see how everything was so different from what I expected and imagined.

It was not like the courts which we witness in movies but it was a completely different world.

I got to read the real life stories of different people and luckily got a chance to see them and meet them as well.

I felt that I am on the right path and I have a lot to do even now.

This was the end of a second year law student’s experience with internships till now, but not the end of the journey.

Disclaimer: Internship Experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus' official views on the internship. We also do not edit internship experiences (except to ensure readability) to ensure that the intern's voice remains intact.

Disclaimer: Organisations should not influence interns to write internship experiences on Lawctopus. Neither should they make writing an internship experience on Lawctopus mandatory for the intern to get a certificate. Indulging in such practices will lead to the organization getting blacklisted from Lawctopus. In case of any such instance, interns are requested to inform at


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