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Call for Blogs: The Criminal Law Blog by NLU, Jodhpur: Submission on Rolling Basis

By: Aprajita Karki | September 4, 2019
About the Centre for Criminal Law Studies

The Centre for Criminal Law Studies was established to carry out intense research work in issues pertaining to the Criminal Justice System in India.

The Centre also organizes lectures on relevant issues. To this effect, the Centre works in association with the national repute institutions like the Bureau of Police Research and Development in organizing the focused training programs to the specific target group of police official Pursuant to its research mandate, the Centre started The Criminal Law Blog last year.


The Centre for Criminal Law Studies welcomes all articles having their connections with the criminal law, especially contemporary developments and novel ideas.

This includes articles on:

  • Domestic Criminal Law [Substantive and Procedural]
  • International Criminal [Substantive and Procedural]
  • Interface between criminal law and other legal domains.
  • Legislative Analysis
  • Analysis of new Judgments
  • Movie Reviews
How to Submit?
  1. Submissions for the blog shall be reviewed on a rolling basis.
  2. The submission should be an original work not exceeding 1500 words. However, flexibility is allowed if the content so requires and the quality is maintained.
  3. All relevant sources must be duly acknowledged and hyperlinked in the text.
  4. The article must be submitted in an MS-Word document to blog.ccls[at]gmail.com.
  5. The cover page of the e-mail must include a brief description of the author.
  6. The authors are encouraged to provide a relevant photograph regarding the subject matter of the article.
  7. The authors shall receive an acknowledgement of the receipt of the article by the Editorial Board. The Boards shall try their best to update the authors within 14 days from the day of acknowledgement.

Detailed submission guidelines can be found here.

Contact info

Email Id: [email protected]

The linked link is here.

The website link is here.


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