Internship Experience @ The Centre For Child and Law, NLSIU, Bangalore: Improve your writing, reading, researching skills




The Centre For Child and Law, National Law School of India University, Gnana Bharathi Main Road, Chandra Layout, Nagarbhavi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560242


I came to know about the organization through my college teacher.

I was keenly interested to join the organization .

The organization has three main Program:

  • Juvenile Justice,
  • Right to Education,
  • Right to Food/Child Marriage.

Student who applies for internship must express his area of interest from the above mentioned programs, send his/her Resume and accordingly they will  forward the application.

Also the student must also send us a writing sample (350-500 words on the subject of interest within the scope of child rights) and mention the  period (Dates/Month) of internship  through there email id:

Important details of policy

1. Intern has to bring his/her own laptop.

2. Accommodation and other facility will not be  provided by the centre.

3. Intern will not be provided any financial assistance.

4. Attendance is mandatory and Intern must daily sign the attendance register.

5. Application of internship should be received at least 1 month prior to the  date of internship.

6. Other terms and policy are available in their website.

How to reach our destination?

It is 11.5 km from Yashvantpur railway station and takes around half an hour to reach this organisation through cab and is 9.7 km far from south Bangalore city junction, also takes around half an hour to reach their.

If you take a autorickshaw from the station you have to tell the driver to drop you at Bangalore university, Nagarbhavi or  you may face difficultly  to explain the destination.

For bus transport, we have to first go to Majestic Bus Stand or Banashankari bus stand and get a bus for Nagarbhavi circle or Nagarbhavi village bus stop. It takes approx 40 minutes from both these bus stand to reach their.

I did not go  there by flight so have a rough idea that NLSIU is around 40 km from airport and your cab charges may be around thousand rupees.

The workplace is inside National Law School campus itself which is very posh and green area. The campus is opposite to National  Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) building.


The office is located on 1st floor of Academic block in National Law school campus.

The office has a conference area where all meeting takes place and there are separate compartments for each member.

The intern are made to work in National law School library  which is a very neat-clean and silent place and is considered Asia’s largest law library with around 45000 books related to law and has a documentation center.

I opted for juvenile justice unit of the three programs for my internship because it is a matter which is considered as a topic of serious concern in our country and moreover because of the new act that is introduced. This led me towards juvenile justice unit of internship as I wanted to research on it.

The Unit of juvenile justice consists of mainly 5 members with Madam Arlene Manoharan as their Program head. All the team member were supportive and patiently responded to every query you have. The atmosphere of the organization is also very nice and the kind of treatment given to an intern is also appreciable.


I worked for a month with them from 11th of January to 10th of February.

Working hours is from morning 9 am to evening 5 pm with a break for lunch.

Attendance is mandatory everyday except on Sundays and holiday.


Firstly, I was asked to read a commentary on the POCSO act named ‘frequently asked question of protection of Children Sexual Offences Act 2015’ by Juvenile Justice Team.

This reading helped me gaining more knowledge relating to the said Act, the procedure involved in children sexual offences case and need of care and protection like the adoption procedure, what kind of treatment should be given by the hospital to the victim of sexual abuse case, what all steps should be taken by the police and school in this direction.

After this I was given a task to find out judgement relating to POCSO Act cases in the state of Assam.

I found 44 judgements of the district courts in Assam relating to POCSO.

After that I was made to attend a public lecture on Restorative Justice by Prof. Joanne Katz, Professor of Legal Studies in Missouri Western State University on 14th January. The lecture gave me knowledge relating to restorative justice. I was also asked to write a report on the said lecture.

I was then asked to search for the pocso act judgement case for district of Pune and thane as well. Then Arlene Manoharan assigned me a task to read the juvenile justice act and compile various work on the juvenile justice act.

After this work I was again made to do research work on finding out different officials relating to juvenile justice like child welfare committee, district child protection unit, Special Public Prosecutor and special court assigned for juvenile case relating to district of Pune, Thane, Nagaon  and  Guwahati.

This research went on for 2 days as very less information was available regarding the personal information of these officials in the internet.

So we approached the district courts in our vicinity. Then I attended a seminar in BOSCO about restorative justice by madam Sujata, Coordinator of Restorative Justice Cases America. I was also made to be apart of the circle which is a method of restorative justice.

The procedure of circle was even later explained in more details by madam Sujata and in my view it is a very effective way to find out solution to problem of juvenile cases. Later in the seminar we were showed more of the cases that were solved in America through restorative justice.

On the next day of the seminar I and a volunteer visited the observation home. It was my first visit to an observation home and had a great impact in changing my views. On the next day Samuel sir assigned me a task of sorting of newspaper article into various different categories.

I was made to watch a movie ‘Ek tha bachpan’. The movie was really wonderful and shows  the  reality of the life of these children and finally I had to write a report on the movie and my experience in the observation home.

At last I was made to summarize a scheme of Karnataka govt. relating to victim of child sexual abuse cases. 


Through this internship process your personality may change, you may became more committed to work, became punctual, get a feeling of employee. All the members of the team are really helpful and take due care of their interns.

You are asked by the project head about any special task that you want to do in internship which is really very appreciable.

If you are an individual intern you may seek permission from vice chancellor of NLSIU and get accommodation inside NLSIU hostel. 

Food facility and accommodation inside NLSIU is really good and cheap.

The  student of NLSIU are also friendly and helpful, they assist you and you get a lot from their experience.

The library is well equipped and up to date. You are given to work and use books inside NLSIU library which is very resourceful. 

After the internship your writing, reading, researching skills will improve a lot. It would add more feathers to your CV. It would help gain knowledge about POCSO Act which is not taught by almost all law school in India and you would also know how does an NGO work.

The hardwork put in by the members is also appreciable and that makes you more motivated to work.


As such the work environment is good I have not  came across any bad things or flaws in the internship.

For the students who are looking to go for:

  1. Variety of work rather the same one;
  2. Exposure to actual court proceedings;

Sometimes you would be face difficulty to meet the seniors, for your queries, due to their busy schedule.

The area of accommodation is in outskirts of Bangalore which might be inconvenient in terms of safety and security for the female interns.



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