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A Student Bares All About the Brutal Reality of the NUALS Kochi Administration



This article was first published on July 6, 2014. 

It is a cloudy July evening. Students playing football, students  playing volleyball, students taking a walk, students sitting and bickering; your typical residential college.

With all the weight that name carries, we may be sure that these bright young minds are arguing about some sticky issues of law or perhaps just love the sound of their own very nice and articulate speech.

But this is where the situation changes;  they are arguing over whether it is the blatant arbitrariness, or  the absence of a logical, unbiased authority to appeal to, which takes top marks for being worst feature of NUALS (that’s the National University of Advanced Legal Studies for the ignorant).

NUALS is not like every other college. Here, students are groomed to understand one thing clearly- don’t mess with the persons in administration who also double as the faculty.

NUALS does not believe in separation of powers- professors are involved in every pie. So if you doze off in an intensely boring lecture in class, be prepared to be kicked out of hostel.

Yes, but this happens ‘’everywhere”, “everyone” will say, but this is a law school.

Law school promises you opportunity to debate with students as well as professors but here all this is seen with suspicion and dislike which translate into bad internal assessment marks and worse external paper results. Many professors are also known to brag about this since they cannot brag about their teaching success in any case.

Of course, they do give students a “unique number” so as not to be identifiable while correcting papers.

The point of this is lost since it is the same professors who correct the papers and yes, they also know your “unique number”. So if you thought you could move to the front bench and get serious after a regrettable rebellious phase in the second year in the disreputable back benches where you had the cheek to rebut a professor, well, NUALS shall surprise you brother!

Therefore, if you came to law school with a picture of Guy Fawkes over your shirt and spouting how you thought Cousin Vinny rocked that leather jacket, buddy are you in for a treat!

Your story does not end like A Few Good Men and it will be plenty of dead mockingbirds.  Keep your imagination and your point of view folks- copious amounts of mindless mugging up will please the majority here, thanks.

Dialogue and discussion over student issues is undertaken with the gentle reminder that expulsion is the response to difference of opinion which may be exercised as strikes their fancy.

Indifference is also a well favoured form of redress, even where the students report that rooms in the hostel are inhospitable.

A never say die attitude is again instilled where the authorities impart inspirational advice to day scholars to come by trains in wake of trivial violent nationwide hartals.

Since Eighteen year olds are infants, the most childish of romances is something that will land you into trouble everlasting. I am of course talking about the girl involved and quite possibly, her CGPA.

The wiser professors choose not be involved in all other petty student-authority skirmishes and so authority lies in the hands of those who exert much force and less brain.

Generations of students chose to back down after initial and obviously thoughtless ideas of rebellion after the benign head of college fascism reminded them that it was better to forget that they were in a law school, for their own good.

So nobody speaks and more batches suffer in silence and learn the values of quiet suffering and acceptance that logic is for the hopelessly misguided.

Here, students develop vast quantities of distrust towards authorities and self-doubt. Since they are exposed to pure spite and incompetence (a most deadly mixture) they learn to Live With It.

In this dark and bleak portrait, solace comes in the form of some great teaching, a good mix of students, and lasting friendships.

But if my children wanted to learn law, I would send them farther than I’d like to but never to this institution, where students graduate after 5 long and weary years to wipe away the dust that sticks to their sandals. Not a day too soon.

Editor’s note: Read another post on NUALS Koch (favoritism and sexism) here

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  1. Why the hell is an year old article coming up now? Tanuj, you should really consider writing for Hindi soaps. You just bring out old articles just to get some hits? And dude, for god’s sake, stop promoting your book. If it is good, people will buy it. You’re looking lamer each time.

    1. An old article is coming up now to support the present article.

      We bring old articles to bring context to discussions.

      Sorry, I’ll not take your suggestion of not promoting my book. It’s doing pretty good! Thank you!

  2. Sounds a lot like the atmosphere in my university. Second NLUJAA person. Time kindred law schools formed a fraternity to rejoice/crib together. Perhaps people like me wouldn’t be in so much self-doubt then and actually hone our potentials.

    1. Amen to that! I have had doubts about myself like any other person, but my college has drastically minimized my capacities and opportunities making me even fearful of my future! The grass is not always greener on the other side, though it might appear to be so.

  3. I know many things are wrong about our university, but I feel that this article doesn’t present a fair assessment. Isn’t teacher favouritism present in all educational institutions? and about the faculty being under qualified, I can name many teachers who are really wonderful at what they do. yes there are the not-so-good teachers, but I think that can be said about any nlu. yes, the hostel food is bad, and the infrastructure is terrible, but nobody goes to a hostel expecting home like comforts. this article just takes away attention from the more important issues, like the lack of placements, and internships.

    1. Something cannot be condoned just because it happens everywhere and I think the author has made that pretty clear. And with all due respect every problem is a problem the fact that it isn’t about placements needn’t make it less important.

    2. Bro, you are saying whatever this author has already said-the author hasn’t bashed ALL the professors, just a few. The author says there are some great professors as well! I thought the ideal was to aim for perfection not languish in the unsatisfactory! Especially when you keep in mind that Universities promise everything you seem cool to do without. All reasonable complaints are stated. And how is it taking away any attention from ‘more important issues?’

  4. I was a student of NUALS for past five years, and i have never met a single person who has seen a (personal experience not a collective opinion) a drastic change in his/her gpa because he/she reacted to the authorities. Article can be easily misread as a collective opinion while I understand it to be a personal opinion. While i cannot say firmly that this does not reflect the opinion of the majority of students (because i dont know), please allow me to narrate my tryst with NUALS administration, i have had sweet as well as bitter experiences from nuals administration, like every university in India, we are also barred with limitations both legal and administrative. If the article is intended solely against the teaching faculty, it is unfortunate,because i am sure the author would also have been a beneficiary of the said inefficiency (i’d like to put it as leniency shown by teachers) before you pen such an article, you should have thought how eligible you are, to respond against this leniency. I dont have to please faculty anymore nor do i have to earn internal marks, but i believe it is my duty to respond to such an article which leads the readers to embroilment. And i would like to believe that the author had nothing but bonafide intention to publish such an article at this point of time when the admission procedure is running in the background. Or if your purpose was to lead the university and its students to sheer embarassment, it is served!. The puerile allegations in the article is not good enough to christen the article as BRUTAL reality.
    I can point a number of privileges which you can enjoy only in nuals but not any other university india. And I am afraid i cannot agree with your take on quality of teachers at nuals, they are qualified and also many of them are exceptionally good teachers whom I can fearlessly gauge with the top notch NLU faculty. And we are all allowed to judge their quality as human beings but only after realising that ego is a universal element which is existent in me and you.
    We are all great fans of the inimitable Voltaire who quipped: “I strongly disagree with what you say, but will defend to your death your right to say it.”

    With due respect to the author and the publisher,This is my take on your article and i just wanted the readers to know that the voice of the author is not unanimous . 🙂

  5. This is something that has been on everybody’s minds and lips. All we do is accept the status quo and crib. Its something that was a long time coming.Kudos to author for posting this.

  6. Hey this goes out to the author of this article:
    while i appreciate you voicing your concern about the administration of NUALS, there are some other major issues that needs attention such as delays in sem results, lack of administration help in placements, change in academic curriculum such as making optional subjects actually optional.

  7. I don’t know whether to rejoice in happiness that there is another law school suffering through the same (we are not alone!) or be saddened by the thought that most of the ‘lower’ NLU’s are just becoming victims of commercialization and branding.

  8. Dear Recent Passout
    I think the author still has valid issues and maybe financial irregularities seem more dangerous, but look at the condition those kids are dealing with man. No law school should function like that. Its important to them. And I’m pretty sure no student wants to bitch about their college unless they are pushed to it.
    Kudos to the author. I’m sure more voices will speak now.

  9. @Apoorvji: I don’t think you’re Apoorv, even if you are and not masquerading as one, this is a good place, as a student I’d say truth needs to be out there. And let the dirty let the dirty laundry out peeps.
    @lawctopus: admin or someone from it masquerading as a student will comment defend or deride the author, I’m sure. Let me tell you, every student has been through the above.

  10. Honourable Apoorv
    By the looks of it this has been going on for some time and the author says there is no appropriate forum. Besides, isn’t a university group only for students? How does that solve anything?

  11. Honourable Apoorv
    the author has said there was no person to appeal to plus its been going on for some time by the looks of it. And er isn’t a university page only for students? How would that work?

  12. Dude, I just passed out of NUALS, stop bullshitting on forums, write about graver issues like a lack of a full time permanent Regsitrar in the University or a lack of proper VC, even the interim VC is not qualified to be one or the financial irregularities which has hampered the construction in the campus. Writing about one or two Assistant Professors in a University consisting of more than 15 faculty members, is not going to take you anywhere. As pointed out by Apoorv, this is not the forum to crib about your bad experience with a faculty member. I have seen students who have been tagged spoilt brat in the first year, being tagged intelligent and hard working student in the fourth year, by the very same faculty members you are writing about. Merit has a large role to play, you write well, you score well, though there are exceptions to it. So learn a life’s lesson in college, life is not always fair. And with regard to violent hartals, till April 2014, when I was in the campus, day scholars were given exemption from attending the classes, do not blow out of proportion a passing remark observed by a faculty probably in a jovial manner.
    And my humble request to lawctopus, please do not encourage such cribbing articles ( just because the language is good and the author portrays a picture beautifully). I feel as a reader of lawctopus since its inception, these kind of articles need to be verified with trusted authors of this forum who will have access to the information so revealed. I observe this because, this is a responsibility lawctopus owes to its readers.

    1. Our biggest duty is to give a platform to law students to ‘speak’.

      As far as ‘checking’ that speech goes, we do ensure that the articles are not defamatory or advertorial.

      And what’s a rant and what’s voicing of a genuine issue is subjective, but again, we do take care that lies are not spread through this platform.

  13. Dear Apoorv

    Do you really think the “suffering in silence” students of NUALS have not tried that before? The author has put across the incompetence, ego and indifference of the faculty cum administration quite succinctly.

  14. Honourable Sir/ Madam
    There has to be a proper forum for everything. This is not the place where you write about these irregularities. We have a The University facebook page for that. This is nothing but idiocy to write it on Lawctopus to get the new students have a second thought about their college.

    1. Nothing Idotic about it. As regarding forum, there are no forums to voice your complaints in Nuals, any grievance is not considered just heard and ruled against to the wishes of the admin and faculty, students council only has powers to “suggest”. Students council is a joke. So is the Mess Committee, a committee which can’t hire or change cooks, but solely exists to deflect blame from admin and to purchase stuff.

    2. Dear Apoorv,

      The writer has made an observation that most of us have either tried to speak up about or conveniently looked the other way. What would our law school education amount to, if we were to only work to silence someone who has braved to voice out his opinion against the authorities? Or, maybe as the author has stated, that is EXACTLY what an education at NUALS amounts to!

      PS. Wouldn’t you agree that the new students deserve the opportunity to make a conscientious decision about their future? It is after all, 5 years of their lives.



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