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Call for Editors: The Boardroom Lawyer – A Corporate and Commercial Law Review Blog: Apply by Aug 31

By: Aprajita Karki | August 16, 2019
About TBL

The Boardroom Lawyer is a student-run commercial law review blog. TBL hosts cutting-edge analysis on the latest legal developments in the corporate and commercial world, both at the national and international level. This includes developments in arbitration law, banking law, mergers & acquisition law, insolvency law, intellectual property law and technology law.

Call for Associate and Tech Editors

The team calls for interested candidates to apply for the position of Associate Editors (AE) and Tech Editors (TE).

The AE’s role at TBL shall be as follows:

  • Contributing one article (about 1200-2000 words) on a topic of contemporary relevance each month.
  • Reviewing one piece each month.

All posts submitted by the AE must be original and well researched, with a clearly expressed central argument and supporting analysis. Posts will be subject to review and approval by a member of the Editorial Team.

The AE may also cross-post articles submitted to TBL, subject to the maximum number of cross-posted articles not exceeding 2 and the cross-post prominently mentioning that the article was first published on TBL.

The team also calls for a Tech-Editor, who would be responsible for managing the website and advertising the blog posts.

The tenure of an AE and TE will be for 6 months, with the option of further extension subject to performance.

Selection Procedure

All those interested can submit their CVs along with a writing sample at theboardroomlawyer[at]gmail.com. The last date for applying is August 31, 2019. They will, however, be reviewing applications on a rolling basis so do try to apply at the earliest.

Preference for AE will be given to those who have had prior experience in areas of commercial law through publications, research experience, internships, etc.

Contact info

For any queries, please feel free to contact at theboardroomlawyer[at]gmail.com.

The website link is here.

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