[1825]: The Best Phase of My Life: 5 Years in a Law School Called NLIU Bhopal

Authored by:  Arushi Singh, NLIU, Bhopal

Batch of 2008-2013

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Five years. Long enough to make you fall in love with a place and good enough to make you become weary of the certainty of the routine it has to offer.

The wide array of adventures, experiences, thoughts, opportunities, boredom, etc, becomes a part of us, so well imbibed in our minds that it is difficult to shun them off in just a matter of a casual effort or time.

I was told that time has wings; it flies. The statement never felt as true as it does now, when my stint at the law school comes to a much expected but totally unwanted end.

I am forced to experience a carnival of emotions in my mind: right from being too sentimentally attached to this place in order to leave, to the anticipation, excitement and fear about the life ahead.

It is true that at a National Law University, one’s intellect is developed to serve humanity at large with the tools of Law and Justice. But that is just a fraction of the many other changes that one goes through, emotionally, mentally and intellectually.

If school was a preparatory ground for the life beyond, college makes one stronger for the big bad world outside.

Struggling for internships, preparing for various moots and other competitions and coping up with the stress of having to have lived away from the loved ones, enriches one’s personality and overall development which is an essential part of who we become later on in life.

Looking back at the past half a decade, I know that I have made peace with the fact that this time is not coming back for me to relive it all over again. But I am satisfied at having spent the best years of my life with full enthusiasm, zeal and vigor.

Law school is a place where senseless chats have the potential of turning into mentally stimulating discussions and debates. It is a place where a random stranger can become an integral part of your college routine and a friend for life.

It is a place where the morose mess food can makes us hog on sinful calories that a roadside chaat-waala has to offer. It is a place you crib and bicker about almost every other minute but just can’t get enough of when forced to think about a life ahead.

Tomorrow, even if these long years are condensed into just another phase in life, I know I spent the best days of my life right here.

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