[1825]: The 3 Years in Faculty of Law, Delhi University


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By Shibu Sweta, Faculty of Law, DU

It is said “All good things must come to an end” and my journey in law school is no different.

I’m a final semester student now and just few months down the lane I’ll be a fresh law graduate , expected by others to take on my responsibility as an advocate firmly (at least my family and friends expect so).

All though I have been tracking down all available career options related to law right from first day, I’m still in a mess of figuring out what exactly I want. I may sound eccentric at this but yeah this is the reality.

While all my friends and batch mates are now looking for career options, I’m still getting a reminiscence of my survival in my law school all these three years.


I feel proud to be in one of the coolest law campus of the country where except attendance and examinations nothing else is compulsory part of syllabus.

Still, the peers and opportunities lure you to participate in every kind of activity like mooting, writing, working for legal aid and of course internships.  I must admit, that my journey all through these 3 years has been terrific!

The first thing that law study taught me was how to be proud at being a law student. Trust me with this because when later on I mentioned this to my non-law friends and relatives they all looked up to me as a serious “you can’t mess with her” girl.

Probably they think that I’m now aware of all laws and orders of the country. Apart from this, I realized that there is absolutely no age to fall in love for law. An aspirant just had to be a graduate previously to be eligible.

And so all these years here, I have met students from age group of 23- 60 years and have learnt so much from their experiences in life. While the usual lectures and subjects kept the flow, hanging out at ‘Bahadur ki canteen’ and ‘Chai wala’ stall with my peers is certainly the best part.

We have discussed our crushes, love, fear, anger, tension all with a sip of tea at this juncture. In fact, I along with my friend have checked out some really cool guys at this place.

And not to forget, my law school library, a place where mostly haunted by Civil and Judiciary aspirants who burn their energy right from morning to evening and I have only observed them with nave connivance and horror after observing their efforts.

Wow…I wonder why I wasn’t smitten by this study bug!!


The madness surrounding an event like fest and college elections are sure to watch out for.

 It turns the campus in some serious political stature and I was surprised to learn that most of these candidates had tough political background. In first year, I and my batch mates were showered with goodies and treats just for the sake of votes.

The best part of this whole law school study has been my internships experience. Apart from the practical knowledge it bestowed upon me I met some amazing students of different law schools.

We worked, cracked jokes at one another, shared our story of landing up in law school and hanged out at really awesome places in Delhi. In fact, I’m thankful to them for introducing me to various applications of law and how to deal with advocates in their various moods.


My teachers have been superb in molding my personality in these three years. I’m thankful to them for the patience and attendance they gave me when I had missed my classes for internships and fell for attendance shortage.

I’m truly awe struck by the personality and knowledge of Suman Madam, Anju Madam for making Jurisprudence so interesting and Suresh Minocha Sir for his impeccable style of treating Company law with his wits and humor

Now that with just 1 month more to go before I settle for final semester exams and bid adieu to my laws school, I must admit that it has been a golden era of my life. I have cried my heart out with fun and laughter in the vicinity of this small yet enthusiastic campus.

This thought again brings me back to the question that what I am going to do next and voila! The feeling of uncertainty and confusion is back. But just as law says – “Truth and Justice shall find its way through obstacles”, I definitely hope so would I.

What is 1825 ? Read here.

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