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TERI University’s 1 Year LLM Program in [1] Environment Law and [2] Infrastructure Law

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Environmental laws and Infrastructure laws are two emerging fields in legal practice.

There is a dearth of qualified legal professionals in both these fields.

It is in this context that TERI University offers a one year LL.M. programme with specialisation in Environment and Natural Resources Law and Infrastructure and Business Law.


A developing country like India with a large population needs to protect the environment in its process of development. While development remains a priority to improve the standard of living, it cannot ignore environmental concerns in the process.

The environmental concerns need to be integrated into all economic policies and implementation decisions. A specialization in Environment and Natural Resources Law therefore assumes great significance.

The primary focus of this specialisation stream is to understand how the legal framework can reorient economic activity toward sustainability.

This reorientation can happen in different ways like prohibiting or regulating environmentally damaging activities, assigning liability for environmental harms and providing adequate incentives for benign environmental activities.

The course will also address the principles of allocation of natural resources according to the concepts of due process of law and equity.


An adequate and robust infrastructure is necessary to promote and sustain economic development. India’s infrastructure development is inadequate and there is a need for massive investment in different infrastructure sectors to meet the demands of economic growth.

However, given the fiscal constraints, the investment needs of infrastructure cannot be met by the public sector alone and would require private investment, both foreign and domestic. Attracting private investment will be feasible only if there is a conducive and predictable legal regime.

This specialisation stream will address the policies and laws relating to major sectors viz., transport, energy, telecommunications, urban infrastructure and water.

The purpose of this specialisation stream is to provide an insight into the fundamental legal concepts relating to business in general and various infrastructure sectors in particular including the issues involved in the development, financing and management of projects.

The programme will address issues relating to public private participation in detail.


LL.M. degree prepares a candidate to become a teacher, researcher, litigating lawyer or a corporate lawyer. An inter-disciplinary perspective is required at this level and the course curriculum and pedagogy offered by TERI University correspond to the needs of such an interdisciplinary learning.

TERI University has been offering courses in law in various programmes over time. In addition, a number of short term programmes in law have been successfully organised in the recent past.

The research projects at TERI and TERI University have focused on legal issues in an interdisciplinary setting. These reports are good starting points for classroom discussions.


A Centre for Post Graduate Legal Studies is set up as an interdisciplinary centre of excellence dedicated to legal research, teaching and outreach activities.

The One Year LL.M programme will be offered under the auspices of the Centre through the Department of Policy Studies. The highlights of this unique LL.M. programme are the following:


Courses designed in consultation with industry and focusing on national and international developments

Courses aimed at balancing theoretical rigour and practical application

Wide variety of optional courses taught by legal professionals

Skills development through research assignments, group-work, moot courts and seminars

Full details are here.
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