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Internship Experience @ Telangana High Court, Hyderabad: Visited Courts, Worked in the Para Legal Volunteers Wing

By: chennu bhargavi | July 27, 2018

Name, College, Year

Chennu Bhargavi Rayal, Pendekanti Law College, 1st Year


High court (Telangana, Hyderabad), and other courts

Duration and Timings

This was a 3 weeks internship.The timings were flexible but lasted 5-6 hrs a day.

First week

On the first day I went to High Court at 9.45 a.m. and sat in different court rooms (each dealt with certain type of cases like matters related to services, bails, marital etc.,) for observation till 3 o’clock.

On the same day I took appointment at the offices of two Government Pleaders Jayanthi Garu (GP-revenue), M. Vidyavathi Garu (GP-Home and Law) for guidance in career, there was about 10 minutes interaction with both of them knowing about the career in practice and their life experiences to practice the profession as a women.

For a whole week I visited High Court and got to know the system and became familiar with its premises and types of court rooms unlike the first day where I felt to be in a maze. I spent three days at least an hour in the High Court Library with the permission of Bar Association President.

Later Weeks

In the next two weeks I spent most of the time in the city civil court and in the special wing called PLV. Para Legal Volunteers, a wing functioning on directions of the Supreme Court in the court premises to settle the disputes swiftly and economically for weaker sections. Staff at PLV assigned me the job of noting down the facts and writing letters to the Magistrate.

With personal interest I continued Internship for the 4th week and visited other courts like Nampally Criminal Court, Ranga Reddy District Court and Erramanzil Court.

Work Environment and People

The staff in PLV were very friendly in nature and helped me to know procedures and formats of the court.

Best things

The Best thing was getting to know the administration of the courts.

Bad Things

No bad things as such.


No stipend.


Patience plays a key role for practicing the career as an Advocate.

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