Tel Aviv University’s Parasol Foundation International LLM Program [International Law & Human Rights, Law and Technology, Business Law]: Apply Now!

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Tel Aviv University

For thousands of years, civilization has thrived and survived in the Middle East. Empires have risen and fallen. Religions were born. This part of the world is the genesis of civilization and with each one came a unique set of rules and regulations. The International LLM at Tel Aviv University is taking a contemporary approach to law in the region that bore Hammurabi’s Code, where Abraham obeyed God’s commands, the land that followed the prophesies of Jesus and Muhammad. The Crusaders, the Mongols, the Ottomans—they all imposed their own will, their own laws. It all started here. 

Today, Tel Aviv is the center of Israeli industry and commerce. Israel’s only stock exchange as well as nearly 40% of the country’s finance and banking industry is located in Tel Aviv. High-tech is Israel’s number one industry and has been the engine of Israel’s rapid economic development over the last decades, even in the face of a global economic crisis. As a city that encourages innovation and creativity, Tel Aviv is the heart of Israel’s high-tech and information-based industries and is home to the largest number of startup firms per capita of any country.

Situated in the Non-Stop City of Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv University shares the Mediterranean city’s non-stop spirit for creativity, community, and innovation, making it the ideal place for learning and pursuing your academic and personal ambitions. The Parasol Foundation International LL.M. at Tel Aviv University is a 10-month program, in English, which brings outstanding students from all over the world for a rigorous, highly-academic LL.M. degree. 

As an LLM student, you can choose a general course of study or may specialize in International Law & Human Rights, Law & Technology, or Business & Law. The rigorous academic curriculum is based on innovative approaches to legal theory, providing you with analytical tools and skills to engage in serious academic research and practical insights. 

TAU Law offers more than 50 classes, seminars and workshops taught entirely in English Classes explore contemporary challenges to law that stem from the processes of globalization to specific courses on the Israeli legal and social systems, the complexities of the Middle East region, and the legal aspects of the Start-up Nation. Classes range from those specifically designed for International LLM students to seminars and lectures that are open to Israeli law students, so you’ll have the opportunity to interact with and learn from local students. 

TAU International has over 18 graduate programs taught in English and you’ll have access to the courses from those programs. Will you be studying Law and Technology? Take the AI in the Cyber Era course from the Cyber Politics program. International Law? Legal and Ethical Perspectives on Refugees from the Migration Studies program might interest you. Is Business & Law your track? The Sofaer Global MBA has a course on Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship. 

The Law Faculty consists of outstanding scholars in virtually every major field of law who enjoy national and international reputation. Alumni include government ministers, members of Parliament, and CEOs of major international Israeli companies. Dozens of Faculty graduates serve in senior positions in top American law schools including Harvard and NYU. Through its faculty, students and alumni, TAU Faculty of Law contributes meaningful solutions to the world’s most complex legal and social challenges.

The International LLM has a mission to not only provide quality education in law but also to provide a place for students to explore the Middle East. A part of the world whose history, beauty, and people are often overlooked due to sensationalized media.

While Tel Aviv embraces the modern and contemporary, it is surrounded by ancient tradition. The old port city of Jaffa is right next door to the university. There, you will experience the ancient surrounded by the modern including beautiful beaches, amazing food, and architecture that will take your breath away. Jerusalem is a train stop away, where you can explore the history that dates back thousands of years. The marks of time can be seen in the golden sandstones that are the foundation of the city. 

You will also have the opportunity to tour high-tech campuses and NGOs in Tel Aviv and speak to their legal departments, offering you a place to plan the next steps after graduation. The LLM offers a unique Glocal Internship opportunity that pairs you with Tel Aviv law firms where you do an internship for academic credit.

The Non-Stop City is waiting for you.

Will you join us?

Applications for the 2022-2023 academic year are open.

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