Internship Experience @ Teesta Setalvad’s Office, Mumbai: Stipend of Rs. 5000, Work on Human Rights Issues




13 January – 28 January 2016

When I Met You

Never ever realized what all does a human rights activist has to go through to fight for us.

Yes, we the people who enjoy our so called- “fundamental rights” enshrined to us by our Constitution, borrowed by the UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights) in 1950, sitting back in our houses enjoying life to the fullest.

Not many of us might have thought about it, that how we got those rights and what all, people have sacrificed to attain them.

Even now majority of the population is not aware of their rights. These facts and a lot more I got to know about Human Rights (hereinafter H.R.) when madam Teesta came to our University to deliver one of the ongoing lecture series.

Her presence there has to be kept secret as she has been warned of her life many a times for the work she and her husband Mr. Javed does.

She is grand daughter of first attorney general Mr. ‘M.C. Setalvad’. Despite of surrounded by eminent lawyers and jurists, she decided to work different from the league and graduated in philosophy.

Why she needed to do that? She could have been one of the highest paid lawyer or even be a judge by the guidance of her ancestors.

But no, she had a sense of concern and regards towards the marginalized, the underprivileged, the oppressed and wanted to be a voice for the ones who didn’t have any. That’s why she decided to know humanity a little better.



I had to join the next day, I inquired if I could get an accommodation nearby or if they have a small corner for me in their huge bungalow situated at “Nirant Bungalow Juhu Tara Road, Juhu Mumbai-400049

Landmark: OPP Rotary Service Center and Opp Shiva Saloon”.

But no, not anyone can be accommodated there except the guards which have been provided by the Supreme Court and she has her office there, which occupies two rooms but seems unfit because huge amount of documents are stocked safely and in a well managed way.

The office has 7-8 personnel at its service (excluding mam).

I think Mark Zuckerberg is inspired by mam as he also sits with his team members sharing the same ambiance for a cabin. Since its a small office so it sometimes get clumsy when people need to walk by and I had to push my chair forward every time anybody wanted to pass.

Though I was living comfortably in Andehri west, sorry I cannot share the exact address as it was a celebrity’s house.

I wanted to shift somewhere near mam’s office as it costs 95-100 Rs. from one side to Nirant. I got to know about bus no. 234 which is direct from Andheri west to office and charges as minimum as 24 Rs. one side & a bit more for A/C bus.


If you are getting worried about the cost of travelling then you are doing right as this is one of the big issues when one thinks of coming to Mumbai.

Office tries to contribute a drop in your ocean by giving a stipend of 5000 Rs. for those who intern for a month.

The staff is nice and her hospitality can be seen with a gesture which she has shown towards me by giving me a leeway to order anything for lunch.

Pradeep bhao (not my accent, a very humble person) will hand you over two menu cards and you can be the king by filling your platter with chicken soup, curry, sandwich and what not.

If you don’t want to overburden them so you can subscribe to the tiffin service @80 Rs. per day, which he will let you know about if you need. Otherwise there is cafe nearby.


Mam has hardly any time to pay attention, neither her staff as they are busy writing and updating the websites. Click HERE and HERE.

Believe me you, she is very busy as she has to go on hearings as well, whenever called for. But I managed to get some online research work.

The work involved to establish a relation using peace map between the mishaps that happened and the earlier meetings or sermons by political parties/leaders.

One is not welcomed to mingle with the legal work they do. I got to know that there is an office in Delhi also.

Those who want to do it in Delhi shall help themselves. When I was there no other intern came but when I was about to leave a bunch of girls got a nod to intern.

Piece of advice:- Only those who are willing to go in this field and can really help the office should come here and must have in your mind what you want to do as mam will definitely ask this on your first day.

When Ales was typing my certificate as she opened that desktop page, it revealed to me the work done by another intern which I think was far better compared to mine, which was, research on judgments, judges and human rights.

My words here mean that you should go there with a pre-conceived notion, a theme about what you want to do.

You’ll get access to WiFi.

P.S.: do not misuse it. 🙂

Timings and day off 

Office is opened at 10 but employees come as late as 1 and leave by 6-9 p.m.

Saturdays and Sundays are off.

If you come early and due to that missed your breakfast, no issues, office has appropriate setting for you to make your own. Nescafe, tea or just milk. It also has a hot water, purifying machine.

I hope this internship experience has been informative and useful and may help future internship candidates make an informed choice.

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  1. “I think Mark Zuckerberg is inspired by mam as he also sits with his team members sharing the same ambiance for a cabin.”

    “Though I was living comfortably in Andehri west, sorry I cannot share the exact address as it was a celebrity’s house.”

    “One is not welcomed to mingle with the legal work they do.”

    – Who wrote this !!!!! Reads like a series of tweets by KRK

  2. Hi, could you please provide us with the appropriate e-mail address or contact for correspondence. How to get the internship, where to send your resume etc.?


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