TEDxRGNUL [October 1, Patiala]: Registration Open

7th RGNUL Parliamentary Debate Competition, Agahi 2017

1st October, 2016.


The theme of our TEDx is “Ideas – Illustrate, Illuminate”.


TEDxRGNUL, is all set to bring this world famous event back to Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab, for the second time!


With speakers like MC Mehta, Madhu Kishwar and Susmit Sen among so many others, this event is bound to make you question your understanding of all the things that you thought you knew well.

Speakers who have done wonders and brought about extensive changes and are still working and willing to help young minds like ours. Their ideas actually illustrate and illuminate the lives of others!

Why, you ask?

With the kind of speaker line up we have ready we’re sure you’ll take back idea that you’d want to inculcate your own life. After all, our theme itself reads “Ideas – Illustrate, Illuminate”!

Having such people to interact with, this is an opportunity that definitely doesn’t come by everyday!


Isn’t that what we run behind all our lives?

Opportunity to buy that bag before someone else does, opportunity to get through a college of your choice, opportunity to get that job and once you have it, the opportunity to get the other better jobs that now have a vacancy.


As of now, we have about 100 seats available; but they’re filling even as we speak. Take our word for it, this is an event you don’t want to miss!


Registration – Rs. 600


Prashant Singh – 9878893633

Dhairya Sharma – 9828738778


The Website link is HERE.

The Facebook Page link is HERE.


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