Teacher’s Exam – A Short Movie by NoticeBard & Lawctopus

Our teachers have been working tirelessly behind-the-scenes to make sure we don’t fall behind in our academic pursuits even during the pandemic. We don’t really get to witness what goes on or went on behind the scenes to make them acquainted with the requisite technological skills to support us even during these tough times.

Learning technological skills takes time. However, our teachers overcame those constraints in light of the necessity presented by the recent events and continue to support us even through digital mediums. Even when they are not necessarily technologically adept, they are working tirelessly to help us. It is through their efforts, support and inspiration that we have developed as students, professionals and even as individuals.

To make sure that they are reminded of our gratitude, this Teacher’s Day we have prepared a short movie as a token of appreciation for all our teachers. A gift from the team of Lawctopus & NoticeBard, hoping it conveys our love, respect and gratitude for all your efforts!

Special Thanks: Dr. Mushtaq Ahmed & Mohid

Produced by: Tanuj Kalia, CEO, Lawctopus & NoticeBard

Written & Directed by: Suhaib Salman, Creative Head, Lawctopus and NoticeBard.

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