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6 Books to Ensure Your Resounding Success in LLB Course


With the internet boom and its easy availability, there is plenty of information and supply of books that could confuse a law student on what to refer to for authentic and student-friendly books. Law books must contain the text in simple and lucid manner so that students can assimilate it easily with their reasonable intelligence but need proper guidance on intricacies involved in language generally spoken in the court rooms.

Here are the 6 Taxmann’s Law book series that would serve as lasting companions for an LL.B student to help them achieve resounding success in the field of law and one can easily buy these books online at Taxmann’s bookstore and get them delivered at your doorstep.

Taxmann’s LL.B. book series consists of 6 Books which would be very helpful for all aspiring law graduates. The thing that makes these LL.B. books so unique is their accuracy which is very difficult to find in other law books specifically meant for LL.B. students because even a minor mistake can lead to catastrophic results. All the winners in the field conquered the world of law with knowledge imparted by Taxmann’s well compiled series of these books.

One can also enroll and go through the vast database maintained by Taxmann on their website to be a sure shot winner in the field of law. These websites have detailed Acts, rules and regulations for students pursuing LL.B. courses of 3 year’s & 5 year’s duration. Even people who are new in the field of law can keep on referring to this website to keep themselves updated on various reforms going around in the field of law.

Let’s have a quick insight into Taxmann’s 6 Book (LL.B. Series) that a law student must go through for resounding success in the LL.B. Course.

1) Code of Civil Procedure (LL.B. Series)

This book is authored by none other than Advocate Monika Srivastava, who is herself a practicing advocate and knows the various complexities of the legal field. She has brought out all her experiences into this book so that it will prove to be a great boon for the students pursuing Law. This law book is well suited for students pursuing 3 year and 5 year LL.B. courses.

This Law book puts forth the Code of Civil Procedure in simple words so that anyone can grasp and understand it easily without referring to heavy commentaries. Advocate Monika Srivastava has experience teaching law students and she has put together answers to the questions which may crop up in minds of law students while going through the LL.B. course.

This book contains comprehensive presentation of all the topics that must be covered on “Code of Civil Procedure” as per the syllabus set by various universities of India. This book also has various day to day situation based examples so that students can relate to these examples by way of practical application of law. At the end of each chapter, this book has a set of questions which students can go through to evaluate their overall progress.

2) Sale of Goods (LL.B. Series)

This book is authored by none other than Dr. Vipan Kumar. The latest 2018 edition was published in June 2018. Dr. Vipan Kumar is a faculty member of Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law having 8 years of experience in teaching subjects of corporate and taxation laws. He is also listed as a top visiting faculty to various elite institutes in the country.

This book is a comprehensive presentation of all the concepts on “Sale of Goods” that must be covered for students of 3 years & 5 years LL.B. Course. This book explains each topic and sub-topic given in the syllabus in simple and lucid manner.

The best part of this LL.B. course book is its presentation where all the related provisions have been grouped together under single heading and important case laws have been highlighted under each topic. It also consists of various test questions, and problems to help students build their intellect in this subject on their own accord.

3) Company Law (LL.B. Series)

This book is an outcome of collective efforts made by well-known authorities Dr.G.K. Kapoor, Dr. Sanjay Dhamija and Dr. Vipan Kumar. All the three authors are renowned names in the field of “Business & Corporate Laws” and have presented this LL.B. course book as the masterpiece in the field of law so as to help the aspiring law graduates. The 2018 edition of this Book is published and is available since June 2018.

This book would cater to the needs of students pursuing LL.B. 3 year and 5 year course. The book features an extensive presentation which covers all the topics as required by different universities on Company Law. It covers the latest amendments made to the Companies Act in 2017. This masterpiece also presents various complex provisions of law in a simple language to help students pursuing their law graduation courses.

This book also incorporates important case laws under different headings which are separately highlighted under each topic to help students understand them in a better way. At the end of each chapter this book contains various self-evaluating questions and practice problems.

4) Law of Contract (LL.B. Series)

This book is presented by none other than Prof. (Dr.) Rajni Malhotra Dhingra who has more than 15 years of experience in teaching law graduates. She was dean of famous Vivekananda Law School and has specialization in Law of Contracts and Property Laws. She has also published various articles on law of contract and has authored many other books meant for LL.B. course.

In this book of “Law of Contract”, the author has presented the laws in simple and lucid manner to make it easy for law students. Through this book, the learner can easily grasp each statutory provision that was incorporated in Indian Contract Act, 1872 and Specific Relief Act, 1963.

The course material is supported with various day to day situation based examples. This book is divided into two parts, the first part focuses on Indian Contract Act, 1872 and the second part on provisions of Specific Relief Act, 1963.

5) Legal Theory & Jurisprudence (LL.B. Series)

This LL.B. course book is presented by none other than Dr. V. B. Coutinho, who has been the Principal of University Law College, Bangalore and also the visiting faculty of various prestigious institutes across the country. He has always been active in the various administrative initiatives and has a huge fan following of law students and faculty members.

This book encompasses all aspects and elements of Legal Theories and Jurisprudence and is meant for students pursuing 3 year and 5 year LL.B. courses. This book explains the complex theories expounded by eminent Jurists in an easy to understand and interesting manner so that the student’s interest in the subject is kept up which ultimately aims at enhancing and building their knowledge base.

6) Law of Torts (LL.B. Series)

This LL.B. Course book is a comprehensive compilation of all the facets of “Law of Torts” and presents this law in a unique and easy to understand manner. As the Law of torts applies and regulates our day to day affairs this book integrates day to day situation based illustrations and also the important and relevant Case Laws, so that the students can easily understand the practical applicability of the law.

The latest edition of this law book was released in June 2018. This law book was compiled for law graduates by Dr.Shivani Verma, who is a well-known writer, teacher and a scholar. She was awarded Gold medal in the year 2002 for scoring top rank in LL.B. course from Kurukshetra University.



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