Internship Experience @ Tata Steel Ltd, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand: Underground Gym, Library, Internet Facilities, Beautiful Garden, Coffee Day


Pankaj Tyagi; Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur; Second Year.

Duration of the Internship

December 1, 2015- December 26, 2015

Name of the organisation

Tata Steel Ltd,

Division: Intellectual Property Cell, R&D SS

Team Strength: 2 (Senior Manager and Manager)

My Position: Legal Intern

Place: Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

Selection Process

Tata Steel is having their own program known as “Prashikshan” for facilitating internship to students in their various departments. But this is not open for everyone. In this regard, HR department of Tata steel works with Training and Placement cell of few reputed colleges.

My selection has been done on the basis of CV which includes CGPA, internships, technical background etc. though our school Training and Placement cell. So, i don’t have any contact details.

But I would suggest a way to all interested students that try to find out some contacts at Tata steel through LinkedIn or some relatives. These contacts may help you to grab an internship opportunity at Tata Steel.

The Office

The IP cell office is present in R&D-SS, Building of Tata Steel, Jamshedpur surrounded by a beautiful garden and manufacturing divison.

The shortest way to reach there is through Burma mines gate. But there are several other gates by which one can reach to the office on time as the free bus facility is available within Tata Steel premises.

During internship period I got a separate space in the office of senior manager, IPR cell.


There are several PGs available in nearby area of Tata steel at very nominal rate. (Rs. 3,000 to 5,000 for a month)


9 AM- 5 PM (Sunday off)


FOOD- the best among all (Rs.5.50 per lunch; Rs. 3 for breakfast and snacks); Underground gym, Library, Internet facilities, beautiful garden, coffee day etc.

First day

Ahhh! Internship begins with this sound due to so many checks and procedures for entering into Tata steel premises.

They conducted an orientation program at NTTF (Tata steel institute) where they taught how to enter in premises, how to walk, how to cross and several other basic essential teachings (fundas) to maintain their paramount objective i.e “SAFETY”.

Here, I would like to highlight a very important point about TATA or JAMSHEDPUR people that they are very helpful, honest, reliable and genuine. Especially the autowalas, grocery shop vendors or road side people.

First impression

After facing all those hardships for getting the entry pass. On second day of my internship, I reached office before the arrival of Mr. Munish Sudan, Senior Manager, IPR Cell, Tata Steel Ltd. He looks very focused and gentle person.

He called me and asked few basic questions like “What’s the difference between plagiarism (to copy another person’s ideas, words or work and pretend they are your own) and copyright infringement? How a person can entirely put someone quote for his own work? How many types of patent searches are available?”

In between my co-intern came and entire discussion got over.

Then he called Mr. Amit Kumar Singh, Manager, IPR Cell, Tata Steel Ltd.  for arranging a visit to make us familiar with the R&D facilities. He also instructed him to prepare an excel sheet for deciding a work route for our entire internship period.

At end of the visit, we went to canteen for getting our coupons. But this process took lot of time as it is a huge campus and during this process we learnt about administrative and working culture of Tata which very much resembles from the government system.

Also, first time in my life i saw the strict implementation of traffic system in India and by the Indians. I never imagined that in India people can follow traffic rule with such great sincerity.

My Project

“Patenting trends of Indian steel companies”

Process followed during Internship

My internship started by the statement of Munish sir that “your training is going to be an intensive training“. So, I was bit nervous and excited to learn new and interesting in the field of patent and technology.

In that regard, first few days were all about reading various documents related to searching such as “WIPO GUIDE TO USE PATENT INFORMATION”.

That document provides a brief about different methods or ways of doing search, sources for doing search, things related to patentable and non-patentable literature and the uses of patent information with their application.

Thereafter, Amit sir gave lessons over how to do patent searching at public database (wipo, espacenet, google patents,ip india) or private database (thomas innovation)? There are many differences present in both databases but the biggest is the flexibility of using “strings” in private database.

Amit Sir, also insisted that the best way of doing the search is the combination of IPC (International Patent Classification) and Keywords.

He also mentioned that never rely only on one string results and also check results with some other strings like only keyword string, only IPC string etc. With all these learning I started doing searching for our project.

In second week, my job was to find out the relevancy or non relevancy of around 930 patents published by Indian Patents Office.

This relevancy criterion was based on the presence of “steel” in those specific published details. All these data’s were exported from Thomas innovation after using various strings based of IPC, Keywords, nesting etc

In the same week, I also learnt that how steel formation takes place and various other aspects related to it like in the case of TITANIC where the content of phosphorus was high in the steel used for making Titanic and which ended in causing a crack in the steel after colliding with an ice berg.

As It is very important to know about the technology of the industry for providing information to various researchers and engineers that whether there invention is patentable or not?

During third week, I found that it’s very hard for inventors, engineers to pen down their inventions. Therefore, a patent attorney or agent should be well versed technical terms to draft an invention is perfect manner.

As the fourth week started I finished my project. The only job left was the presentation and submission of that project report in a CD at SNTI ( HR department of Tata Steel).

Work environment; People

The people were very warm and helpful.

They were really friendly and always ready to listen to all my queries patiently. Munish sir is really a very hard working and motivational person which always an inspiration for a young intern. Other than work, one can also get the opportunity to participate in various activities at Tata Steel.

Another interesting thing is, if you walk in the building of Tata Steel R&D-SS you will find all motivational quotes and incidents all around you to maintain a positive environment among the employees.

Best Things

The best thing is their “culture and ethics” which motivates people for working efficiently by maintaining a proper work-life balance. Tata Steel always treat their employees/ interns really well by providing all basic amenities at very minimal cost.

One of the best moments during my internship was when I got the opportunity to discuss about an invention directly to an engineer. Also, i learnt some very important lessons about corporate presentation and work ethics.

Bad Things

Most of the work was related to patent searching and drafting. So, one will not get any chance to know about legal proceedings of court.

Also, the security checks and various other rules like mandatory boots, intern band etc. sometime becomes very irritating.


During four weeks at Tata steel, I experienced an epiphany that our legal curriculum is having vast disparity from the industries requirement.

These internships provide an opportunity to students in developing the required traits by their own. So, always try to learn as much as you can during the internships.

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