Internship Experience @ Legal Department of TATA Motors, Bangalore: Rated 9.5/10

There are systematic methods being adopted, which the interns are strictly expected to adhere to.

Name, College, Year of Study

Santhosh S.Rao, S.D.M Law College, Mangalore, Fourth Year. 

Name of the organization. City

TATA Motors (Regional Office), U.B. City, Bangalore. 

Duration of the internship

15th January to 15st February. Four Weeks. 

How big was the office? Team strength?

The Tata Motors office is considerably huge, very appealing, and colorful all around with the display of various cars and newly launched TATA cars and other commercial vehicles. The office is situated in the 14th floor of U.B City, Canberra Block, and is majestic.

The office has been divided into two divisions one for passenger vehicle division, and commercial vehicle division and four conference halls and two mini halls. The work has been so well divided between these divisions. And the Legal Department is been given huge regards in this office.

Other than the employees there take place various dealer meetings and conferences for the various staffs as this office being the regional office for the southern region. Including the divisions, staffs, and dealers the office can accommodate the strength up to 500 odd people. 

Duration in weeks. No. of days/week. Timings

Four weeks, six days a week. 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Accommodation: how, where, how was it?.

This being situated in Bangalore there is enough P.G available 5 kms away from office. I preferred staying at relatives house.

First impression, First day, formalities etc.

Right from the first day, there were absolutely no formalities. Not much introduction been done. The work was briefed to me and straight away intern would start with the work.

The intern at the Tata Motors Legal Department is expected to have rapport with everyone in the office on your own and team up with various other departments in the office including the passenger vehicle division and commercial vehicle division, because the legal department requires the data from them.

The intern would be introduced to the H.R Department with whom the work has to be co ordinate with regard to the project given to us. Other than that as of the other work of Legal Department is concerned they were totally independent and no assessment been done by the Regional Manager, although other departments except Legal Department.

They are just answerable to the Legal Department Head, Mumbai.

A briefing would be done to the interns regarding the nature of work and what is been expected of the interns during their stay and the students are expected to follow the various instructions given there and to co ordinate the various works of Legal Department.

The interns are treated so well during the stay. There is lots of encouragement been done. There is constant concern towards the interns as to their work load is concerned and least pressure is given.

tata motors legal department internship

Main tasks 

The interns at Tata Motors are considered to be same as that of every other employee. But as of the work is concerned it is seen that there is not much pressure.

In the legal department, the intern is expected to be aware of the various legal aspects. Anyone who works with the legal team is not expected to be fully conversant with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, but at least the least minimum knowledge is expected.

The Nature of work in legal department was to maintain various files and check on the progress of cases from the southern region as this office being the regional office for southern region. There are various procedures followed in maintenance of files, and periodic summary reports are to be sent to the head office at Mumbai.

The various other tasks were entering data in the excel sheet maintained by the Legal Department and various columns are to be prepared. There are systematic methods being adopted, which the interns are strictly expected to adhere to. 

The TATA Motors have many ware house situated in various distinct places and there are so many employees working at ware house and this very own office and Legal Department are so keen in adhering to various Labour related laws.

So the interns would be given tasks of researching on various Labour laws and Acts such as Sexual Harassment prohibition in Work place, and other new Acts so that the company would not be at default in any way. There would be constant discussion taking place one on one with H.R. Department as to various Laws and its better implementation is concerned.

Intern’s progress is constantly checked at Tata Motors and their opinions and suggestions and academic knowledge would be checked there during various daily discussions. Finally the interns are asked to make a presentation on certain Labour related issues or on any Acts.

Work environment, people:

The environment is generally relaxed and has a steady pace throughout the day though the other departments are too busy, as of Legal Department is concerned they are pretty relaxed.

The colleagues are very friendly and they patch up with interns very easily in some way or other. The work environment is totally chilled as the interns are treated one among them.

There happens lot of friendly chit chat happening and the interns can get every possible assistance from the senior and other members any time and they are ready to help any time.

People stay for long hours at and ready to compromise even after office hours if any assistance is required. There is no compromise been done as to the quality of customer service, for which TATA Motors is known for.

There are so many opportunity for refreshments as the office is located in such a prime place U.B City, such a prime location of Bangalore. Lunch, food, coffee, awesome variety refreshments served.

Best things? 

The interns are treated so well during the stay. There is lots of encouragement been done. There is constant concern towards the interns as to their work load is concerned and least pressure is given. There is no target set on the clients.

There is no way skipping of lunch or any refreshments. The intern would be forced to take up refreshments and food on time. There are no strict rules as to the working hours are concerned for the intern.

There is good amount of bonding been created as there would be constant hang outs and interactions takes place and lot of suggestions been given. There is least discussion of work is been done but more of career would be interacted. 

The progress what the intern is achieving is been made known in order to boost the confidence level.

Saturdays are usually fun time at office as the intern would be made totally relax and there happens friendly chit chat, movie discussions,  Cricket, foot ball, your field of interest is discussed, visiting U.B City, takes place.

Bad things?

All is good. Nothing was bad Tata Motors, Bangalore office from the point of view of an intern. You will get to know if in case you get a chance to intern at this office.

What did you do to chill? Co-interns, colleagues:

The impressive location of the office is the best thing of all. The colleagues used to take to various places in U.B. City and other nearby areas commercial street, Shivaji Nagar, and I have roam around many places with the colleagues.

Stipend/ month

There is no stipend given to the interns, but wait you are not been sent home empty handed either. There is a hell lot of gifts given to interns, which again depends on your presentation. Once you crack your presentation, you can take home gifts for sure from TATA Motors.

Biggest lessons:

As students you would have felt good studying various Law papers and there might be times were you would have felt proud about various new legislations and Laws. But when you get to experience the actual working of the corporate field you field it is totally different.

Academics have nothing to do with their functioning. Interns might get disheartened as well when various compliances are not been followed at all what we see in books.

But what is expected of you to just gain experience from this very corporate office were you are interning during your stay and take back home hell lot of memories, whether they are bitter truth or money in the money in the bank.

Don’t lose hope if you don’t receive any stipend for your hard work, at the end of the day it is the experience and lessons and memories for your record is what it all matters.

I would rate the experience 9.5/10.

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