Internship Experience @ Tanikella Rastogi Associates, New Delhi: Research Work, Friendly Environment

Intern Details


College: The West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata

Year of study: 2nd

Duration of Internship

October 20th, 2015 to November 17th 2015


Tanikella Rastogi Associates, C 6, Gulmohar Park, New Delhi.

Application Process

I got to know about the firm through a friend and send an application with a cover letter and my CV which consisted of my academic achievements, Statement of purpose and the proposed internship duration  to <> about two months in advance.

They replied back in two weeks informing me about the telephonic interview that would be taking place within a week.

I got a call on a Saturday afternoon from Anirudh Rastogi Sir, one of the partners of the firm, he asked if I was free to attend the call or should he call latter which was very polite of him to do.

I was asked about my collage, previous internships and all the subjects I had studied till then afterward some basic question of Tort law, Contracts, and IPC a situation base problem from Tort law and the proposed duration for the internship.

A couple of days later I got an acceptance mail with all their contact details (Phone no and address i.e. Tanikella Rastogi Associates, C6, Gulmohar Park, New Delhi) and a request to write back a mail of confirmation.


10:30 AM to 7:30 PM (you could leave after 7 PM iff done with the work, after taking permission from one of the partners or the person who had assigned you the work)

Saturdays are working days though you could leave early after taking permission when done with the work.

First Day

On my first day I first had a quick talk with Jitendar Tanikella sir one of the partners about how did I get to know about their firm what are the subjects I find the most interesting and what plans do I have for the future.

Afterwards, one of the associates gave me a brief orientation and gave me the password to the WiFi, Manupatra and the interns email id.

They have an interns email id which was for the interns to use for all the work purpose which made it easy to track all the work interns have done and for them to keep a record of works assigned to the interns.

The first to be done after getting the interns email id was to send an introductory mail consisting of one’s name, name of their college, contact details and duration of internship to the teem.

I was assigned with the work I had little to no knowledge about but one of the associates briefly explained it to me and helped me find the right direction for my research.


Mosty it was research work and  queries asked by the clients and assisting them by way of research in relation to their work.

Whenever someone assigned me any work after explaining the question they would ask what my approach would be to find the answer and offered guidance when needed.

On the last day, I had to give a case presentation about which I was informed in advance and given plenty of time to prepare for.

Every day I was assigned with problems relating to different laws even though I had little knowledge about most of them the work was not impossible it just needed a little more effort.

They are very particular about punctuality as long as you reach before it was not a problem also they expect the interns to inform them in advance if they are going to be absent the next day.

Overall experience

Both the partners and all the associates were very kind and helpful and they expect quality work.

Since I was in my 3rd semester during the internship I was not familiar with most of the laws related to the work I was given but it was not difficult to complete the task since everyone was very approachable and willing to help.

For people who could not bring their lunch, they provided us with the contacts of all the nearby places we could get food from both cheap and expensive (though I never eat but it helped the other interns a lot).

They celebrated an associate Rishibh Sir’s birthday in the office and even offered the cake to all the interns. I had never been to Delhi before and this internship made my month long stay in Delhi memorable for life.

There are tons of things to do on weekends (I only had Sunday though) in Delhi, there are places to explore markets to shop from famous food joints for all the people who love trying new food.

I learned a lot of new things there all the laws I read for my research were the ones I had no knowledge and are to be taught in senior years.

All the things I learned there are going to be of very help to me in the future and the purpose of the internship is fulfilled since I gained a lot of knowledge.

Accommodation and Travel

I stayed in a PG with friends in South Extention which was not far from the place the office was located in. A senior of mine gave information about the PG, who also stayed there but before that we had also looked for PG’s online which is not difficult to find.

Delhi is a place were a lot of people go for internship and it is not difficult for one to find a place to stay. One can ask seniors who or even look online. I used public bus for transportation which is very cheap and convenient. One can easily look for the bus number for their destination on google map.

Word of advice

They expect quality work so whenever you find yourself lost you can always approach anyone they would be pleased to guide you.

And also, I would recommend staying with friends because after a long day of work those crazy people are the ones who can make you laugh.

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