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LIBERTY, of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship” is what the Indian Constitution secures to all its citizens. And one would expect law schools to be at the forefront of efforts to protect liberal spaces.

RGNUL Patiala, however, would surely be an unworthy candidate of such a vanguard. The present RGNUL Patiala’s administration has not only been antithetical to liberal values, but has gone ahead to issue a series of diktats which can be politely classified as Taliban like.

Lawctopus has gained access to these two of these ‘notices’ issued by the administration of RGNUL Patiala.

According to one notice electricity in hostels has been cut from 9 am to 3 pm (Monday-Saturday) as an attempt to force students to attend classes. [Download here]

According to another notice students are to wear uniforms on Tuesdays and Fridays. On other days, boys aren’t allowed to wear ‘shorts, bermudas or bathroom slippers’. Failure to adhere to the dress code will mean forgoing attendance for the entire day plus fine. [Download here]

As an aside, NLSIU students in the 90’s freely cross-dressed. We cannot even imagine what the repercussions of such an act at RGNUL would be.


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Pic from here. UPDATE: We’ve removed the previous pic after repeated requests. We didn’t mean any offence to the students or the official concerned; apologies if that caused inconvenience.

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  1. One could also give you notices as to the rigorous campus and hostel in timings, only for girls, though and evidence that they are not even allowed out of their hostel buildings after 11:30 p.m.
    Basically, beware of RGNUL Girls’ Hostels in case of earthquakes!
    Also, the in timings prevent girls from going to the library, which is open till midnight. After all, who cares if girls are getting educated or equality to boys? Evidently, not the people who are spending lakhs every year to send their daughters to this reputed National Law University.

  2. i can’t understand how one can spend 5 years being suppressed. if anyone can suggest what legally we can do against the rules and regulations imposed by authorities, plz do tell in detail

  3. You have AC’s in your hostel. We don’t have AC’s in our classrooms also, for the time being.

    And honestly, I don’t find it ‘taliban-like’for imposing rules like ‘no-shorts in classrooms’. As long as they don’t restrict you from wearing them apart from your college hours.

  4. The Author is another Aravind Kejiriwal who wants to become a celebrity out of stupidity.

    I had liked this website so much and I had been referring this to all my law friends and others for about one and a half years.

    I am never recommeding this website for law students or my friends any more.

    And Tanuj? You teach Blogging to students? Pathetic and Shame.

    I sincerely request law students not to waste money in joining this course by a kid who is so transparently eyeing for publicity.

  5. It is my observation that any meaningful discussion prevalent here has dwindled down to certain feeble attempts at witticism. The article stressed on two points of focus, the cutting down of electricity between certain hours and the ban on shorts. The commenters have digressed and are using the comments section not as a medium of critical analysis but as a personal grievance centre. It has already been stated that the electricity problem arose out of prudent financial measures. Also, the issue on shorts and flip-flops can be answered by referring to the maintenance of decorum in certain institutions. All in all, the questions up for contention are hence resolved and the calling of RGNUL as Taliban by Lawctopus’s journalist is preposterous and should be withdrawn. A public apology should be meted out to the institution for the baseless allegations made against it.

  6. Student of the year:

    1. A public interest litigation (PIL) as you well know, is to filed by he who does not have a personal interest in the outcome. If someone from outside the ‘varsity is doing it, on the assertion that the students of the University are too intimidated and afraid of victimization to come forward, then as you say, a PIL is indicated.

    2. Otherwise a class action by a few students in a representative capacity (with leave under the Relevant High Court Rules read with the principles underlying Order 1 Rule 8 of the Code of Civil Procedure, seeking reliefs that will benefit the student body as a whole may be more appropriate.

  7. it would be in the best interest of rgnul to settle this issue amicably between the students and the authorities. prof. jaswal and prof. sandhu’s contribution to the law school’s growth and development cannot be judged on the touchstone of this one single incident.

    it is really very unfortunate that the culture of “hit and run” blogging is sabotaging the stature and credibility of two leading academicians of the country.

    nevertheless, lawctopus deserves appreciation for highlighting the concerns of indian law students.

  8. worry not dosto! u have a problem? we r soon organising an essay competition titled “life is tough in ragnoool” prizes worth 25000 thanks to our north eastern frnd n in house sponsor! we will also soon have a diploma course on “your campus rights” time duration – 6 months, fee – 1500 only! check my website pleasseee for more details – camel humpppp!

  9. honestly pleaseee! if u dont lyk the damned food, why dont u jst make a pretty face n ask someone to treat u outside. or u can jst go and leave b4 paying the bill. hahahahahahahaha!

  10. However, continuing my last comment, since this blog post (however vague) is spreading some awareness among the students and there are mass-protests on the verge, there’s an off-chance that RGNUL will finally have a student-powered system running.

    “Bad publicity gone good”, you know.

  11. Honestly, jitni bak____ kaatna chahein, kaat lein.

    RGNUL survives on periodic cheap thrills derived by authorities and students out of one another, time and again.

    There’s a reason why we’re a Tier 3 college. And a reason why we’re not going to improve. We love sasta entertainment 🙂

  12. such post about my college is DO affecting my studies..!!! the library is horrible i am in huge stress as i cant find books on my project topic.!!! helpppp lawctopus!! Topper banna is my fundamental right..!!! aur mujse mera haq koi nai cheen sakta..!! samhjhi tum..???

  13. nayak nahiiiii me khalnayak(peenu) hu …naank se bada me handsome hu …meri naank ka beema karvaooo…nahi to me dhukdayak hu….

  14. To
    God , our holy father
    canteen to regular chalti nahi hai……..meESS ka KHANA orientation period me to bahut acha diya tha par baad me bahuut kharab milne laga hai
    pahle mene socha tha ki is khane par to me puri jindagi gujar sakta hoo par ab 3 time nigalna bhi muskil ho gaya hai. dooodh me pani milate hai ya pani me doodh pata nahi. chai (tea) to chasni hai(meetha pani with brown colour)…
    esa lagta hai ki dil ke arma aasuo me bah gaye hum mess ki puri fees bhar ke bhi bhuke rah gaye…. wifi hai ya bailgadi(bullocart)..

    yours loving
    jai aur veeru

  15. Who else seems to think that ‘ RGNUL Student ‘ isn’t really a student at RGNUL? I Guess the authorities have found a way to do damage control in cyber space . How about putting your money where your mouth is and actually doing something about keeping the students happy…hhhhmmmm??
    Anyone defending the university clearly isn’t a student here.

  16. For all Rgnul Students:
    What say: is it not the right time to file a PIL against our college.
    1. college canteen passed without tender.
    2. ban on student bodies. Atleast we can have a representative body comprising of 25- 30 students, which has some kind of veto power. If this can happen in HNLU then why not in Rgnul. It’s our Fundamental Right.
    3. Vehicle ban is against the interests of many children who aspire to become IAS and Judicial officers and come form medium and Lower income families as the auto fares are very high.
    4. 5000 rupees collected each year in the name of Stationary fund. Nothing provided.
    please give your viewpoints, because crtitizing on lAWCTOPUS.COM will not help to change the administration.

  17. All dis z sooo trueee… Electricity cut ki wajah se mein mobile bhi charge nhi kr paati jisse mein— se baat kr paoonn… aur mein to ab— ke liye skimpy clothes bi nhi pehen sakti… chalo —hum tum —chalte hain….
    Sirf tumhari (aur —- ki nhi),

  18. I am utterly surprised that this site is still running well without being banned n the wi-fi. Or is it that the authorities have not yet seen this disclosure of stark dictatorial realities in the net.
    Come on now Honorable Authorities, ask us to SHUT UP once again!!

  19. Completely agree with “kasam paida karne wale ki”
    The issues mentioned here are the least of the problems faced by the students everyday. The food and transportation situation n the university is what needs primary attention at the moment. The mess guy and canteen owners freely do as they please and the kind of food they serve is what a person dying of hunger would also consider before consuming.
    This is a law university, and the country’s law legalizes all above 18 to drive their personal vehicles. So what codswallop runs in the management’s brain while framing such rules is beyond a prudent man’s inference. Conveying to the city through an auto daily to various coaching institutes would cost a student Rs. 7200 (240*30) and that is provided the prices don’t soar as they frequently do.
    Allowing personal vehicles and improving food quality (and quantity) is a must in this university.
    Someone please lend ear.

  20. Totally agree with the three comments right before mine.

    Seriously the electricity cut and arbitrary fine impositions are the least of what exactly is going on here.

    Its high time and authorities must realise that being all authoritarian isn’t going to fetch results into positive. No wonder students are actually indulging into everyday discussions and sarcasms to the faculties in the lectures.

    Interestingly, The person defending such tyranny left right center is the one who doesn’t get tired bitching about it, all other times. LOL

  21. I second with whatever @Maverick has posted. That is what exactly happens here. One student had filed an RTI regarding the manner in which the mess money is being spent and then he was failed in a subject.The RTI specifically showed how money was being siphoned off and very less money was indeed coming to the mess authorities,hence the terrible food!

    Also there is a strong resentment among the students here because the teachers fail you in subjects no matter how you write the paper! This is especially true with the Economics paper where the teacher has taken a grudge to fail everyone in the papers.
    Here are some important facts of how things are going on in the college:-
    1. There were nearly 26-27 year backs in the total college this year (12-1st year,6-2nd year,6-3rd year,2-4th year,1-5th year). i.e After the re-appear examinations
    2. Nearly everyone who had given the Economics paper had failed in the subject(4-1st year,6-2nd year,3(or)4- 3rd year).i.e after the re-appear examinations
    3.There were rumors about how orders were passed that the students must be failed in order to raise the level of discipline in the college.
    4.And whatever you write in the Economics Paper is not enough,because the teacher can fail you even if you are scoring 70+.
    5.20-25 students from the 1st year(freshers batch) have also changed their Major from Economics to other subjects.(Yipee!)
    6.The rule of vehicles not being allowed due to one accident is also being proved very costly to the students as there is hardly any means of transport apart from the Auto for which you have to shell out Rs.120 per trip!Sorry Administration,but this sucks!
    7.As also mentioned by @Maverick,there are no tenders passed for the canteen and the college mess,which clearly proves that nepotism is highly prevalent.
    8.And seriously,National Law University? Where all the teachers are from the same one state? Great. Some of the teachers are truly deserving and meritorious,but some are just kept there for I don’t know what reason.
    9.One student of the 5th year had secured a job at a law firm (approx. Rs.40,000 p.m) and he was given a year back too.Just guess,by how many marks? One! Now he has to leave his job and come and give his exam in December.

    I hope the Administration is reading this.And instead of trying to block this site,you can try to change. Thank you,Lawctopus,we RGNULites have a voice now!

  22. Lawctopus, please add a like thing to the comments so that we are saved from going through 93 comments and instead we can read comments worth reading.

    Like button please


  23. RGNUL, internally, is at an all time low. The unrest and dissatisfaction amidst the students regarding the facilities being provided and not being provided is at an all time high. AC’s have been shut down for the semester but the tards forgot to switch on the geyser which should come with the ensuing cold. Girls hostel gates are being shut an hour earlier due to ‘diminishing daylight’. The mess food at the hostel is just terrible and the fact that our college is 11 kms from city does not help when you are hungry. Plus the two on-campus canteen remain closed most of the time. Also the auto-fares have been hiked recently so the cost of going to a restaurant and coming back is Rs 200+. And yes vehicles are banned. The administration has become oblivious to the students demands. Writ petitions are being filed against the college left, right and center. Students do not feel safe to complain to the authority fearing their own safety (year back scare, spoil your career threats). On top of that, today, severe allegations had been brought against senior members of the administrative dept. Change is very much needed. The shorts-slippers issue and the 9 to 3 issue is the least of the students problems.

  24. Though ashamed is the word I would use to describe my sentimental situations for criticizing the university on the net, but it is the arbitrary and “dictatorial” rules and regulations framed thoughtlessly by the authorities which force me to put aside my feelings of respect and speak like a perspective lawyer must.

    I thank lawctopus for publishing this stark reality. But, at the same time, I also feel pity and disgust that it is a complete outsider (and not the insiders themselves) publishing the taliban-like management,s atrocities who has nothing to do with the affairs of the university but my gratitude to lawctopus for being so conscious of the rights of the students. I would like the author to throw some more light on other absolutely-arbitrary regulations imposed by the university upon the students. I make this request because it is a sad fact at RGNUL that a student who wishes to reason, question, infer or speak up for or against such regulations is not at all entertained and is sure to face dire consequences. And, people, THIS is a National Law University.

    I, along with many dissatisfied students, await for the time when the university management will open a caring eye towards the students and not encourage them to just keep tolerating.

    I end with serious hopes of a happy and aspiring future so that we leave the institution with happy memories and sense of pride in the name “RGNUL”

  25. Well,we didn’t expect Law octopus to indulge in such gimmicks.Its article has quality almost come to a nought.They are just sensationalizing trivial issues and making mountain out of a molehill.This should be a forum for discussions for the greater benefit of students but they have certainly gone offtrack. All these issues can be easily resolved amicably through negotiations between students and management. If Nalsar can have uniform mandatory why can’t RGNUL.

  26. @RGNUL Student (dude marked in red):

    I am sure you are a victim of of unexpressed oppression. The one thing not expected from you is blind support of draconian actions.

  27. Dear Tanuj,
    Let me say first of all that I’m not making any value judgment on the notices/restrictions/situation as such in this comment. That doesn’t mean I don’t have any opinion about them, I simple do not believe this to be the right forum for expressing the same. However, a quick couple of points on the post itself:
    A. One of the disturbing trends that seem to be visible these days (and this is not only restricted within Lawctopus, a forum I admire for several reasons but is also visible in LegallyIndia/Bar&Bench and the like) is to highlight one/more incidents in a university without complete investigation. Now, before we begin a debate on what’s complete and reasonable and sufficient, let me just say this: I’m all for highlighting any and all facts that smell of high-handedness and draconian measure, my only concern is that whether the person inside the university who’s brought the news to you is in a position to present the complete picture. As the comments above show, there are differing opinions within RGNUL itself about the nature of the electricity cut-off measures. And I know from personal experience that even NUJS students who have reported university matters to fora such as these have often given incomplete pictures etc. Especially when the name is cloaked in anonymity, it becomes far more difficult to judge the veracity of the statements.
    2. I don’t object as such to your usage of the word ‘Taliban’, although I do not think it is warranted. However, it was not an obscenity and I respect your rights to express your opinion so long as it stays within boundaries established by law (and dare I say morality?). Having said that, since you are a responsible person who runs quite a popular blog, please distinguish in a report where the facts end and your personal opinions begin. I believe that’s the basic requirement for any responsible writer (reporter/blogger/otherwise). Since the notice doesn’t mention the reason for the power cut, then report the cut as a fact and extend your conjectures as they are, i.e. conjectures till proven otherwise.
    3. On a more personal note, who’s “the best academic at NUJS” who “is known to go into staff meetings” in shorts? If you’re referring to our esteemed -, I can assure you that such incidents are, err…grossly exaggerated, so to speak) 😉

  28. well done, we at Rgnul are actually suffering.
    1. thank you law octopus.
    2. for those who are protecting Rgnul:-
    a. the students are harassed by our adminstration whenever we approach them.
    b. there is no tender passed for our canteen. contract given due to PERSONAL CONTACTS.
    c. The campus is 11 km away in a village.
    1. no vehicles allowed . reason because one accident took place
    2. no buses provided by college after 9.15 AM to go to the college
    3. those who want to go must have 250 Rs. in the pocket. other wise wait kaero jab tak humara mahaan college new campus bna le. pichle 6 saal me to bna nhn.
    d. there is a fear among the students that college authorites will fail them in exams if they expose the scams due to “SCUMS” in the university.
    e. college takes 10000 rupess as mess fee for 4 months. if we cut the university holidays. that means around 33 rupees per plate food. college takes 11 rupees and we are provided food worth 20 rupees only. humare khane k bhi paise kha jate hain
    f. a poor laundry person comes. our rich university of Punjab TAKES 24000 RUPees from him every year. just to make him enter in our heavenly campus gates. i guess they are competing with the 5 star hotels.
    g. no place for personal views and suggestions. if we ask for RTI .
    administration replies — fail karwa denge.
    h. and yes the last point – ye ek aisa laddu h jo jisne khaya wo humesha pachtaya. dnt take economics in our colllege. beta verna humesha pachtaoge. year back suplies, this are the by product which economic students have to face because Economics is not treated as a science but as a philosophical subject jisme 5 pages se kam ka answer likha to fail ho jaoge.

    ab kaunsa aisa banda h jo college ko protect kare.
    yes i worry about the future of our college.

  29. A few stray thoughts from an alumnus of one of the most laid back places from where you can graduate in law. (University College of Law, University of Calcutta, Hazra Campus, as it used to be, before they made it into a department.

    1. 5 years LLB is a post graduate degree, ultimately. You attend a college for this, regardless of whether you follow the Western system and call it a law-school or not. College/University is where they knock out the hidebound traditions that school imposes on you.

    2. In a college you experiment because it is that stage in your life where you must lose and find yourself. Within some very loose limits (we call them legality) you have to explore your personality. Wearing what you want (even if it is a black three piece suit of clothes, which I used to wear in my student days, to acclimatize myself with the uniform I would have to wear the rest of my life) is a right that cannot be taken away from college students. So long as you do wear something that is!

    3. Freedom of speech is one of the most cherished rights that democracy gives us. It is not just a fundamental right, it is what makes us free. If today you criticize Lawctopus for calling a draconian measure “Taliban-like” are you not policing words which are not obscene, but operate as a shorthand for a huge concept? As loyal students of a University you may express your grievance with the word, but to ask for its removal or rephrasing, you must give a lawful reason. Is it defamatory? Does it incite violence or is it subversive to the extent that it interferes with public law and order? Is it opposed to public morality or does it compromise national sovereignty or religious feelings?

    4. If a site for law students run by law students does not take up cudgels for law students, who will? Arvind Kejriwal? (that was sarcastic not serious).

    5. Concrete measures to stop university authorities from becoming pocket dictators:
    a. Challenge any law that establishes them as ultra vires because it prohibits not merely restricts, and/or unreasonably restricts the freedom to form associations for students (who are major). The vires of the statute has to be expressly challenged.

    b. Write anonymous letters to the newspapers and websites that lawyers and law students and recruiters read complaining of the atrocities.

    c. Complain in large numbers to the State Human Rights Commission.

    d. Have class action/representative action litigation (including PIL if you are afraid to put your own name on it) filed in the High Court of the relevant state, complaining of denial of civic and political rights.

    5. If there is a body (even if sponsored or heavily controlled by the authorities) where there is student representation, ensure that whoever serves on it from the student body speaks for you and not at you. In other words even the “snitch” will have to spend the majority of his time in a hostel or with the other students in class. He must be made to understand that his loyalties lie with his fellows nor the teachers.

    6. Listen to Another Brick in the Wall–Part II many times consecutively.


    YOUR OBJECTIVES SIR!: To get more views.. To compensate for the loss that you have been suffering due to your negligence.. Cheap publicity..

    Tanuj Kalia = Rakhi Saawant..??? :O “I want the Medias and publics!”

    People be reasonable and stop this fight!.. and Tanuj let people see this post!

    Totally opposite to the image I had about lawctopus! My request: RESPONSIBLE BLOGGING PLEASE!!!!!!

  31. this problem of electricity is bugging me too much these days.. can’t even work on projects.. and I am missing my old group mate..!!!
    Lagta h ab hostel mein Nimbu-Mirchi lagana padega.. NAZAR NA LAGE.. 🙁

  32. 15th comment

    And wow, even you agree “Ideally the matters should be settled internally, between the student body and the administration. Peacefully. Like in a family.”

    My dear Sir, the notices were out on October 10, 2012. What’s the date today? October-frigging-twelfth! One day in between? While I concur that speedy trials are the need of the hour in India, you consider 24 hours enough for such a change or settlement to take place?

    • @ RGNUL Student Oct 10-12: it does not matter what time you have…when the students just can’t voice their concerns thanks to an unresponsive, authoritarian regime which won’t let any student representation in decision making

  33. 14th comment

    Spammy? Seriously? Do you even know what that means? And if it were so, why did you even bother to approve them – “Be nice. Keep it clean. Stay on topic. No spam.” Well consider yourself officially irrelevant.

  34. I was an ex student for many days and i am proud of self to be part of this institutoin… During our time we used to get all facilty near hand.. However, we denied of New campus because we fail to maintain our behaviour… But after going away from university we have a peace affair of state..so dont write negative thing about university.. My best wishes. Let us all pray for peace. Amen

    PS: Chinta ta chinta chinta

  35. It seems the admins of Lawctopus are a bunch of school going idiots who dont have common sense…just sensationalizing a very trivial thing is what we can expect from such stupid and overexcited morons..

  36. Now If NUJS students have short attendance, a letter is sent to their parent? Why don’t you write an article on this as well?

  37. @ Quoting RGNUL STUDENT:@ Solutions oriented approach

    “While I agree that Lawctopus has done a commendable job in bringing this to the notice of one and all, this is not a solution-oriented approach…”

    “I accede to the fact that yes, several of these notices are indeed capricious and whimsical and students have no role to play and have no say regarding these rules. I would want to change that. I would want student participation in each and every…facet. But is this the way…?

    Answer to RGNUL Student : Ideally the matters should be settled internally, between the student body and the administration. Peacefully. Like in a family.

    But, you yourself acknowledge that administrative high-handedness prevents any meaningful student representation at RGNUL. In such a desperate situation, bringing an issue up in media to kick-start some movement is a good way to move towards a solution.

  38. 13th comment

    For God’s sake, highlighting my comments in red? Really? Doesn’t that seem like you now have some sort of personal vendetta against me? And trust me, those comments were not just my own, but also an expression of several fellow batchmates of mine, who don’t give two hoots about actually making a huge issue out of this piece of hypothesis and conjecture you have made.

    And for people who are actually crying out loud about their mobiles being snatched off for weeks and paying penalty for not wearing the uniform on two days of the week on this post, I would love to see how Lawctopus addresses your grievances and provides for a solution. Let’s see what good comes out this blogpost and your comments. Believe me, no one would be happier than me if a positive change is made based on this. Who wouldn’t want to have a piece of freedom for themselves? I know, I would. You only see how I am defending, you fail to notice that I accede to the fact that yes, several of these notices are indeed capricious and whimsical and students have no role to play and have no say regarding these rules. I would want to change that. I would want student participation in each and every administrative, academic or other facet of this University. But is this the way to achieve the same? If it is, super nice. If it is not, and nothing good is done out of this, then you’re just making fun of yourself. And I am sorry but I do not believe in kidding myself.

    While I agree that Lawctopus has done a commendable job in bringing this to the notice of one and all, this is not a solution-oriented approach. Several are cribbing on this post, but no one is giving any way out of this, what several have called, “mess”. You talk to your Constitutional and various other rights – but is that all law teaches you? Where are the concerns actually being addressed? I would want to know just that.


      Dear @ RGNUL Student: Hi, we put your comments in ‘red’ because its spammy and to highlight that its the same (very passionate) student who is repeatedly defending RGNUL.

  39. This comment is towards that rgnul student who doesn’t want such blog to appear in this website publicly because its maligning their own university. Isn’t this reason is too lame?Being a law students aren’t we suppose to raise our voice if something wrong or arbitrary is happening or rather we should remain a silent observers terming the same to be “being tolerant”.Whats then use of studying rights, freedom in constitutional law for so long.And as long as concerns are raised for using the word ‘Taliban’,the intention wasn’t not to compare the university with Taliban absolutely, its just a term which has been used to seek more attention from the students to read this blog..Thats it.Nothing else..!!!

  40. Plus, just apologizing for putting up the pic of students with that tagline isn’t going to make it any less offensive.
    Actions > Words.
    If you are actually sorry for it, then remove it.

  41. It is noteworthy that Lawctopus has brought these issues to light. The rules have been truly arbitrary in recent times and students have been fed up with them. While I do acknowledge wholeheartedly that the Article might create bad impressions about the University, I do believe that not bringing issues to light just because they would create bad publicity is NOT in the domain of responsible journalism. What has to be seen is whether all facts have been reported as it is. Here the facts have been reported and it is for the others to deduce. It is only when we look within can we change, and I do hope that University will take this article in a positive note and try to act more rationally. I do not think there has been any irresponsible journalism in Lawoctopus’ part, though I believe that they could have used another picture for this one.

    1. No personal opinions have been added and only those deductions have been made which any reasonable man would think of it. While it is true that comparing not wearing shorts with Talibanism is a bit far fetched, it is a Journalists’ right to use words which he best thinks fit the scenario.

    2. Recent actions like banning Facebook because of people posting pictures of messy mess food have not got down well. (The University can say that in an educational institution sites like Facebook should be banned, but why only Facebook then? Why not other sites like Google plus?) Moreover, sites like Facebook are not only recreational/entertainment sites but can help in networking as well, which helps in one’s career.

    3. Not having electricity is the heights! Whoever said it is because of shortage of electric supply is nuts! If you do not have electric supply DO NOT give electricity but when there is why are you not? Moreover there are generators. There are two campuses right now, the new campus where students stay and the academic campus in the city. Students go from the new campus to the academic campus everyday. So while you might not allow the generator to run in case of no electricity in the new campus during the day time when most students are out to the academic campus, banning it for 6 hours daily is nuts! Where would the students who have had genuine reasons to not attend classes go???

    4. I think the Author is right in pointing out that not ALL law students want to be LAWYERS – they might be interested in other professions too. So while it is welcome that University tries to enforce discipline it should not be irrational. Wearing shorts and informal is not a problem, how you wear it might be a problem. But then banning it is irrational, you can take action against those who are dressing indecently but come on, banning shorts. :/

    5. What the Author missed out is that ACs have been turned off from 10th October! We pay a lot for the AC’s, (more than Rs. 12,000 per room a year, if not more) and we get ACs for only 5 months??? (August to October 10, March to May 15???)

    6. There are many other issues like the mess food which has not yet been addresses in spite of requests by students from more than a year.

    In the end, I would like to add, that it is not that the students are innocent. There have been instances that students have tried to cross the line and it might be that it is the University’s earnest intention to enforce stricter discipline. Yet, banning electricity to make students attend classes and banning Facebook so that people cannot tell about the university are not welcome. At the most, I could say that the rule on banning shorts have been there in other universities as well. and if all other factors were not present, this issue would definitely have not made the headlines.

  42. As far as the concern of fellow RGNULites over the reputation of the university being ruined,you can say that it’s a small price to pay for a better future!

  43. Tanuj Kalia: Was your school also Taliban-like or did you wear shorts and hawai chappals there too?
    “A law school is not meant to fit you into a profession; it exists to give you myriad skills: the skills to reason, to argue, to defend; to be a free thinking individual.”, you said.
    Surely, what you wear isn’t going to decided your capabilities, skills and potential. But is it ‘Taliban-like’ to develop the skills to reason, to argue, to defend; to be a free thinking individual while dressed decently like a professional and not like a tourist visiting Jantar Mantar. Shorts and hawai chappals would THERE seem to be appropriate, I guess, more than in a classroom of a national law university.
    Please Google what ‘reasonable restriction’ means.
    PS- “curtailing electricity to FORCE CLASS ATTENDANCE.” Assumption. You know what they say about assuming? If you assume, you’re just a bitch.

  44. Let us hope the authorities learn something from this and make RGNUL a better place to live in. I’m surprised they haven’t blocked Lawctopus yet 😛

  45. “the college authorities are trying to much for maintaining discipline” but, they failed to understand that we require an atmosphere of so called NLU..banning shorts,cutting power supply and most importantly vehicles will not help it where there is a separate campus for hostel and college. Even, i cant flaunt my new RED VEHICLE and impress girls.

  46. “As an aside, NLSIU students in the 90′s freely cross-dressed”
    Hahahaha! This is EPIC! Why didn’t anybody notice it yet?
    NLSIU creating transsexuals, since the 1990s!

  47. It’s true. Student happiness has been at an all time low at RGNUL. Administrative issues, authorities turning a deaf ear towards the voices of the students, steps to prevent influx of information… The list just won’t end

  48. It feels like we are under some kinda dictatorship.
    It is absurd to have a power cut in the hostels.
    But the author should not use this kinda terminology.
    Happy Blogging.

    admin: the commenter has used a fake name

  49. Waise hum yeh soch rahe the ki- http://rgnul.ac.in/hostels.htm

    Ispe RGNUL wale bol rahe hain ki – The hostels are provided with a dedicated “Transformer” to ensure 24 hour power supply in case of power failure.

    Then why the power cut bhaiya? Koi samjhayiye na!

    Difficult situation!

  50. Kar lo jo karna hai. RGNUL wale apni karenge.

    Isse kuch hua toh bhala hai . .Warna Tanuj ji.. Jaan bachiye ka apni. Humdardi hai aapse. Achcha kaam kiya hai. :)..

    Ek NLU main padhne wala- :'(. Aur atayachar sehne wala besahara insaan.

  51. the university is DO trying to get discipline among the students. but this is no way to achieve the same.
    And ban n facebook should be lifted as people are not able to talk to their frnds and send any requests.

  52. Dear RGNUL Student,

    You seem like a poser to me. Maybe the one snitch that the administration truly has. @P. Sadly, RGNUL does not have an SBA because student groups are banned by the effect of the RGNUL Act, 2006. This allows the authorities to take undue liberties with students’ rights. Rules are made randomly because the incompetent teachers take offence to what the students say. The entire University is out to teach its students a lesson without any regard to what is actually happening or the welfare of the students.

    I have been studying in RGNUL for years now. Let me tell you that as of now, there is no electricity supply problem. The college is indulging in either a cost cutting method or it is a way to make students attend college. The ban against shorts and chappals was notified after few teachers started threatening students with dire consequences if they continued wearing chappals, to which the students responded by asking for the rule banning chappals which obviously did not exist. This ban was made notified within a few days of that incident. The uniform notice prescribes the forgoing of a full day’s attendance for merely not being in uniform. Attendance which is validly earned when the student attends the lecture and which decides the eligibility of the students to appear at end-semester exams.

    Students are not happy in the college. This is the lowest that student happiness has ever been here at RGNUL, including the time when Gurjeet Singh was the V.C. and that’s saying something. Moreover, students have been threatened with dire consequences by the administration in the past. Students filing RTIs have been warned, students writing to the Chancellor have been warned. It is a sad state of affairs.

  53. I certainly feel these notices need context as well, but I’m not as eager to defend my university as some previous posters.

    RGNUL has not been a overtly bad place to be. We have our triumphs, we have our joys and thus naturally, we also have our problems.

    The only reason that the anger at these notices is palpable is because a large number of things have boiled over at once. Student happiness is indeed at an all time low.

    Back on the topic of shorts, I truly believe that the change must come from within, and unless some one does not realise himself/herself what the appropriate clothes for any given scenario is, enforcing a dress code shall do no good.

    Another reason why the dress notice is especially disturbing is that it expects students to adhere to vague and unspecified standards of ‘decent’ dressing. This would mean that some one would be in charge of deciding on a case to case basis what constitutes a ‘decent’ dress, and expose students to this unreasonable and unwarranted judgement.

    And finally, I reserve my comments on the electricity notice, since I go to college every day and I do not believe this notice will affect me.

    PS: Administration, if you are indeed reading this page, please, please get rid of the stray dogs on campus.

  54. People at RGNUL are suffering. Those who are not feeling well have to stay at the hostel without any electricity. Today my friend was also not feeling well and had to stay at the hostel without any electricity.
    They are ruling us, not in a good way.
    there rules are arbitrary.

  55. @ To everyone who is defending the rules: Please! Come over here and join us. You would actually realize the horror. Its easy to fight with words and find reasons to backup your ‘saint theories’ but seriously the ever growing frustration among students is being reflected in daily lectures.
    Whatever it be, the words might be little extreme but c’mon who are we kidding, nobody enjoys being in uniform . The author isn’t saying that ban the uniform, its just putting forward the matter of freedom and choice of dressing. Plus nobody’s promoting wearing shorts in classrooms it was the indirect way of saying one shouldn’t impose such arbitrary restrictions at college level and that it definitely does not assure your ironed robes in courts post graduation.

    Try not fighting for fake reputation, truth must be out and heard.

  56. Though, I am happy that Lawctopus brought this issue up on a public forum. But I think you shouldn’t have used that picture. .It’s a little lame plus I think it is somewhere not required. Plus, I dont know how much would those students appreciate their pictures put up on a post like this.

    While I think that having a dress code isn’t a big issue, however, such an arbit ban is really not required. Also, cutting attendance is way too much. I study in a lawschool which is very liberal when it comes to dressing of students. Till last year, we had a rule that short/skirts were not allowed inside the library (the admin also put up pictures of a skirt and shorts 😛 on the notice board to illustrate this better:P). However, after some of the students questioned the rationality behind this, it was scrapped. :). Dress code is fine as long as it is not imposed irrationally and such consequences are not attached to non-compliance. My college has its own set of flaws, but if this was imposed here with the attendance issue already such a pain, it wouldn’t have less than Talibanism for us. But thankfully it’s not!

    With regard to the electricity issue, facts seem to be lacking. So won’t comment on that.

    All in all, I think you did right by pointing this out here. I am sure the SBA of RGNUL would be happy.

    Just found a link -https://www.facebook.com/save.rgnul. It’s was apparently created by the SBA. Don’t know if it’s official. But it’s time, students get to voice their opinions against the arbit administration.

  57. 12th comment

    @Administrator – No it most certainly does not! The college authorities may have myriad reasons to impose such a rule, but you are definitely not allowed to judge and call it Taliban-like. You may have a set of values that is completely okay with a guy walking in a classroom as he is brushing his teeth and scratching his butt and is probably in his night shorts and bathroom slippers, but there might be many students and professors who may not find it acceptable.

  58. 11th comment

    @Dhruv: Most students of RGNUL are defending the Administrative authorities for a reason, and that is we are dealing with the situation and we know the exact status quo and that the situation is nothing like the one elucidated in a most contemptible fashion in this post, unlike the author, who as I said before, has only made unfounded statements and unsubstantiated commentary.

    • @ unsubstantiated commentary:The notice says that you aren’t allowed to be in shorts, bermudas, bathroom slippers. You don’t need unsubstantiated commentary to show how bad it is. The thing speaks for itself. 🙂

    • @ RGNUL Student who said “Most students of RGNUL are defending the Administrative authorities for a reason”

      Well, it seems with your 12-13 comments it’s primarily YOU who is defending RGNUL.

      PS- there are other people who have put 2-3 comments and have spoken for Lawctopus. But no one has put 12-13 comments!

  59. And darn.I forgot to mention one more thing!
    Who blocks Facebook just because a student has posted of video of how the mess kitchen is preparing food in a very unhealthy manner? And the authorities defend their actions by saying that “You should not go against your own University”.

  60. First of all,let me comment by saying that what you have published is not entirely true. It’s only the half truth and that is very irresponsible from you guys without verifying the authenticity of the sources from which you got the information.

    Secondly,let me share with you with what actually happens here in RGNUL.
    The AC’s and not the electricity are switched off from 9 am to 3 pm.I wouldn’t go ahead and call the university as TALIBAN for that,would I?
    And also I agree with you on the information published regarding the dress code which is too much for anyone.You’re actually supposed to pay fine of Rs.50(whenever you break the rule) if you’re not wearing the uniform.Come on, we are not in a school! Also the university has a tendency of collecting fine on a number of instances,and that too a heavy fine,trust me. We can basically call it a fine collecting machine.
    I would want all of this to change,but hey,I wouldn’t label the university as Taliban.That is too big a word,and I assure you that the student quality here is as good as any law school.Only the administration is a little bit too strict.Finally,I just want to say that Lawctopus should be a little bit careful before choosing their words,for a few words can change the entire meaning.Nevertheless a good effort.Keep it up!

  61. The reason behind banning Facebook was not to gain any negative publicity of RGNUL. That resulted into unsocialization of its students. When Lawoctopus came with this post “Taliban Rule”, the authorities banned this site also. I don’t know what these authorities are trying to prove? Another incident of Dictatorship..

  62. 10th comment

    1. I am looking forward to the exposure, Administrator. Maybe you can open up a NLU Grievance Cell or something. (www.lawctopus.com/grievancecell)

    2. I do? I know I sometimes tend to be funny. And I am glad I could make you smile. But it is a fact. What other rationale are you giving, precisely? That shorts have been banned for fun? That we are being asked to not wear skimpy clothes because it’s too cold outside and we might catch the flu?

    3. I would be more than happy if the State of West Bengal, knowing that is abundant in traffic jams, electricity and women power, can maybe come to our rescue, maybe?

    4. Eeeeeee. So happy for you. Fan mails and all. Lawctopus has reached new levels of achievement.

    5. You do not sugar-coat your criticism. And I do not defame my college unreasonably. Why don’t you do a similar hunt in your college. I’d like to see what you write about that, because trust me, I have knowledge about a few skeletons of your closet up my sleeve.

    • Hi, we did put a ‘DAT’ essay on NUJS where a NUJS student criticized it for not maintaining any financial transparency. Will put that up again (we are retrieving and re-publishing our posts)

      Anyone can email at tanuj.kalia@nujs.edu to tell us about genuine grievances about their college.

  63. The administrator claims he ‘does NOT sugar-coat’ his criticism. The funny part is I am not sure of the real intention of this post at the first place. With a postmodern outlook which I consider to have, I am open for different opinions and ideas. But I am equally interested in ‘why a person has certain opinion?’ or rather ‘why does a person says something in a particular way?’ Considering, Lawctopus was out of focus for a while, because of technical issues is this another way of gaining the momentum by debating on a certain issue ‘without sugar-coating'(I wonder what exactly it is? Perhaps spicy gram masala?)? Anyway, as much our author is entitled to his opinions I guess I am entitled to mine too 🙂

    PS: It’s surprising that students of RGNUL aren’t as worried as author (who I guess is from NUJS). Rather most students of RGNUL are defending the administrative body’s actions 🙂

  64. i think one of the teacher of rgnul surely will do saucide after seeing these comments and post ,alternatively its wel n good for all the rgnulites to be happend like this as he is the only creator(or hitlor) of this problm in rgnul. vonnn tonn gayannnnn….

  65. The only thing that the authorities have achieved is seeding resentment in the students who would eventually stop respecting them..

  66. I do not think there is any problem in asking students to wear dress on certain occasion [not all]. By this, they are having a sense of both learning professional conduct, and secondly, having a sense of freedom. A combination of two can be a good thing. While I do not favour the complete ban on shorts/slippers, I am not against dress code for selective days.

    For the electricity, there can be other reasons which only students/administration might well be aware of.

    @Administrator – I do not agree with the analogy which you have made above, i.e., “No potent rays are emitted from the combination of a white shirt and a black pant which makes you a better lawyer.” – A dress code is usually needed for identifying/classifying certain individuals as distinct, and hence, lawyers need to dress. A person wearing jeans and t-shirt may well be a good fighter but if he is not able to maintain decorum, he is not obviously a good soldier/army personnel. Even when army has the strictest dressing/discipline norms, they are probably considered to be the most respected personnel. Imagine if they start fighting in shorts/jeans. Apart from your intellect, it is also the code which one need to know about.

    “a uniform may add a sense of belonging to the profession, but its not a pre-requisite to being a competent professional” – uniform/dress code is not necessary for being an intellectual, but for being a professional, one needs to respect the code of the profession. I would wonder if a lawyer is going to a court arguing a case wearing shorts. Not every intellectually superior person is a great professional, but there are many.

    On the other hand, I do agree with certain point of yours, i.e., restricting it as a whole is quite irrational [though I would not use the extreme terms for them]

  67. 9th comment

    @Administrator: Wow. Are you saying that whichever University you belong to the administration has performed their duties perfectly? Or for that matter, the administration of any of the NLUs or any other college. Wake up! No administration can be the epitome of utopia. There is always a lot left to be desired. But does that mean we resort to such disparaging means to get what we want? Rome was not built in a day. Ours is a newly-fangled University and we have a long way to go, yes.

    You do not even have reasonable information. The dress code was put in place in order to inculcate the habit of good dressing. You do not complain when you have to wear formals everyday to your law firm/Court during internship, do you? I would be now looking forward to such a post now. “Taliban in XYZ Law Firm – The Monstrous Rule of Wearing Formals Everyday!” You do not get to take your cellphones inside the court room either. “Taliban in Supreme Court – The Horror of Disconnection from the World in the Court Rooms!” Or for that matter moot courts. I would absolutely love a moot court wherein we can go in shorts and tees. Some University should really take the initiative of organising a beach moot court! How fun, right?

    The electricity, on the other hand, is a product of short electricity supply in Patiala. I am sure I can bank upon your extensive knowledge about RGNUL that we have two campus, one is residential and the other is academic/administrative. Most of us stay out of the residential classes – either attending classes, in the library or just hanging out in the city. If the University shuts off the electricity supply in the hostels during the class hours, it is not a very irrational step. For those who are sick, we have a Infirmary in place, and I am sure they can avail it’s facilities for taking rest. Having said that, it is to be noted that the notice is a few days old only.

    A notice is indeed complete information in itself, but what you fail to see is that it does not contain the rationale behind the same. I would like you to point out where has it been mentioned that the electricity has been shut off for forcing students into college? Please.

    I have not alleged anywhere that this post was meant to drive up traffic. I said I could have, but I won’t because I see the best in people.

    I think enough has been written by you and the damage is done. Whatever amount of justification anyone gives is quite redundant now. Well done, Lawctopus. You have officially maligned not just a University but three students along with it. Kudos!

    • 1. There are problems in every law school. And we’d love to expose them.

      2. “The dress code was put in place in order to inculcate the habit of good dressing”. Ha! You cracked me up.

      3. Cutting electricity for 6 HOURS EVERY DAY is an extreme step. It’s a pathetic scenario to be in. You CANNOT justify it by saying ‘shortage’.

      4. PS- we’ve got fan mails!

  68. I am really glad that the matter is at-least up for discussion. The bulk of RGNUL students have welcomed this article and those commenting against it are probably the nerds or the authorities themselves. Keep up the good work.

  69. 8th comment

    @Administrator: Like I said, no amount of justification one gives can convince you and for that matter, neither do I want to waste my evening in the futile matter.

    Look, I do not want to keep any “scum” close to me. Believe me, I do not. I have been very vexed by the University myself, and have written quite a few letters about the same to the Vice-Chancellor. Dear Administrator/Author, what I am simply trying to say that just because you want something done, you have the right to criticize – but in such a way? Taliban? Draconian? 🙂 No my friend, there are other ways to effect the same. I would have actually been supporting this post had it used a more acceptable language. You smear a University by harmful comments and terms, I am against that thing.

    I have given the rationalisation regarding the electricity and the uniform rule in my previous comment, which waits to be approved by you, and I am wondering why.

  70. people in rgnul have also been craving for facebook after it was banned after someone put up a video of the shitty mess food!!

  71. 7th comment

    @Another RGNUL Student: I hardly think it is “unfortunate” that I have developed a very high tolerance. If anything, I am sure this will be very useful to me in the long run. High tolerance is the need of the hour, my friend. Step outside of your cocoon, and you’d know.

    You call it my fundamental right being infringed? I call it, practical and realistic check and control. There are two ways you can look at a glass half filled.

    You are congratulating Lawctopus and the whistleblower? While I accede, that this post may have been in good faith, do not forget, fellow RGNULite, that you will have RGNUL forever stamped over yourself wherever you go, and what you are doing by encouraging such posts is actually severely harming yourself, your career and your future. Your administration is the scum of the Earth, you say? Well take this: you are your college, and nothing on this Earth can change that fact ever now. So in a way you are calling yourself the scum of the Earth, and I shudder to even think what else. Congratulations to you!

    • @ Scum of the earth/cocoon : The commenter is trying to get the ‘scum’ out of the college miss. It’s his/her college and he/she wants to clean it up. While you want to keep the ‘scum’ close to you.

      And prohibiting shorts is ‘realistic’ and ‘practical’? Keeping students without electricity for 6 hours a day is ‘realistic’ and ‘practical’? Wow! Nice to hear that.

  72. On Uniforms and Shorts:

    I agree with the fact that uniforms add a sense of ‘belonging’ to a profession. Many a litigator see their black robes with a sense of immense pride.

    And I have no issues with students being asked to wear a uniform, say, once a week. For that sense of belonging, pride.

    But lets take the argument further: Why do we study law? To become a lawyer?
    A litigating lawyer who dons black robes or a law firmite dressed in impeccable formals?
    What about a law journalist? What uniform does he wear? Lets give him a jhola , shall we?
    What about an academician? What will she wear?
    And well, a would-be judge? What should we prescribe for her/him? A wig?
    Given the various options a law student has, I think it will be very restrictive to dress her up in an attire.

    A law school is not meant to fit you into a profession; it exists to give you myriad skills: the skills to reason, to argue, to defend; to be a free thinking individual.

    And you know, what a free thinking individual should wear? Shorts, will be my answer (kidding).

    And that’s the issue here. Prescribing a uniform for a day is alright; restricting a student’s choice to wear something pretty decent (shorts), an authoritarian act.

    PS 1: the best academic at NUJS is known to go into staff meetings, in…you guessed it right…shorts.

    PS 2: a uniform may add a sense of belonging to the profession, but its not a pre-requisite to being a competent professional. No potent rays are emitted from the combination of a white shirt and a black pant which makes you a better lawyer.

    I can very well be nude and be the most diligent student in class.

    Decorum and sanctity of a classroom do not come from the dresses its students wear but from their conduct.

    You must of course not offend anyone from what you wear. Do shorts offend anyone? I don’t think so.

  73. 6th comment

    @Administrator: Wow. Are you saying that whichever University you belong to the administration has performed their duties perfectly? Or for that matter, the administration of any of the NLUs or any other college. Wake up! No administration can be the epitome of utopia. There is always a lot left to be desired. But does that mean we resort to such disparaging means to get what we want? Rome was not built in a day. Ours is a newly-fangled University and we have a long way to go, yes.

    You do not even have reasonable information. The dress code was put in place in order to inculcate the habit of good dressing. You do not complain when you have to wear formals everyday to your law firm/Court during internship, do you? I would be now looking forward to such a post now. “Taliban in XYZ Law Firm – The Monstrous Rule of Wearing Formals Everyday!” You do not get to take your cellphones inside the court room either. “Taliban in Supreme Court – The Horror of Disconnection from the World in the Court Rooms!” Or for that matter moot courts. I would absolutely love a moot court wherein we can go in shorts and tees. Some University should really take the initiative of organising a beach moot court! How fun, right?

    The electricity, on the other hand, is a product of short electricity supply in Patiala. I am sure I can bank upon your extensive knowledge about RGNUL that we have two campus, one is residential and the other is academic/administrative. Most of us stay out of the residential classes – either attending classes, in the library or just hanging out in the city. If the University shuts off the electricity supply in the hostels during the class hours, it is not a very irrational step. For those who are sick, we have a Infirmary in place, and I am sure they can avail it’s facilities for taking rest. Having said that, it is to be noted that the notice is a few days old only.

    A notice is indeed complete information in itself, but what you fail to see is that it does not contain the rationale behind the same. I would like you to point out where has it been mentioned that the electricity has been shut off for forcing students into college? Please.

    I have not alleged anywhere that this post was meant to drive up traffic. I said I could have, but I won’t because I see the best in people.

    I think enough has been written by you and the damage is done. Whatever amount of justification anyone gives is quite redundant now. Well done, Lawctopus. You have officially maligned not just a University but three students along with it. Kudos!

  74. Hilarious tragedy. But I don’t see anything wrong in banning wearing of shorts etc. in classes. We must maintain a decorum of a profession and place. You call it curtailing freedom, i’l differ and say ” a reasonable restriction”.
    Electricity point can’t comment until reasons known. But yes SIX hours is way too much. In fact i can’t relate it to compelling students to attend classes. But if this is the reason, administration must reconsider.. means there are other means to meet mark of average attendance. God bless the poor students.
    Don’t call it Talibanism please there are lot more serious issues in this country to compete for that title. I call THIS Hilarious!

  75. Hi,
    Im not a student of RGNUL but just passed out from a different Law School which was proud of their reputation for ‘Discipline’. Below 85% attendance meant fine, below 75% meant being disallowed from sitting for the semesters exams, and they were strictly followed without any leeway whatsoever, even if the reason for absence may be the death of a parent or serious illness. As for dress code it was formals everyday and full suits on mondays. The argument given for both these were that when we end up becoming lawyers we’ll have to follow these rules so we should practice that from law school only. That is an incredibly irrational and illogical argument, as a practicing lawyer you will obviously not be wearing something that is against the rules of the court or your place of employment as it will have an adverse impact on your employment. ‘Uniform’ is not a statute that has to be taught before you start practicing it. The point of a law school is to produce the best thinkers and practictioners of law, wearing a uniform doesnt improve your legal aptitude. NLSIU students wore shorts, cross-dressed and bunked merrily, those same students are currently at the top positions of almost all law firms, indian as well as international, they are rhodes scholars and among the most upcoming litigators in the country and yes they are all impeccably dressed.

  76. Although all the inputs in the article are very much accurate, it is irrational to compare the matter at hand to the Taliban. Sensationalizing the title makes the matter sound much worse than it is. Remedial measures to the notice had been taken even before the publishing of this article on your website. Also, the photograph is uncalled for and the caption is just plain stupid. Get the facts right before publishing anything as the 9:00 am to 3:00 pm rule has been put into effect due to shortage of electricity and not to incite students to attend classes. Regarding the uniform policy, as future lawyers we are expected to dress crisply and decently in college rather than being overtly casual by coming in shorts and slippers. Although we as students do not like this rule, we don’t think it is wrong in any way.

  77. I find it perfectly fine not to allow students wear shorts to the class or for that matter bathroom slippers. We see most students in some of the Premier law schools just waking up in the morning and dragging themselves to the classrooms (thanks to 5% of marks allotted for attendance). However, I feel there must be some decorum to be observed in a learning space. Asking students to wear formals or uniforms every day (there are colleges who send students back for not wearing a tie!) would be taking it a little too far. But banning shorts and bathroom slippers are perfectly fine.

    However, one need to keep the weather conditions of a place in mind. If they have Aircon and fans which does not make students uncomfortable wearing trousers why not? At the end of the day we are studying Law a highly regarded and respected professional course. Don’t we all know that courses like BBA and MBA have strict dress codes?

    By the way students complaining of strict rules like confiscation of phones, no excuses for attendance etc., are followed by numerous colleges in the country including the one I spent about 5 years (+2 and undergraduate course). When you pass out and look around you’d be amazed to see how organized and better you are than others! I guess no teacher would like students using cellphones when they are teaching. Let’s get a little more serious and adhere to the basic etiquettes and manners so that we do not need rules imposed upon us like this. TO BE TREATED LIKE AN ADULT, BEHAVE LIKE ONE

    Another Law Student, where there are absolutely no rules whatsoever in the Law school I study. No one gives a damn!

  78. 5th comment

    @learned opinor: The article you linked us to has a very interesting comment –

    “The dress code is strictly enforced by the university’s authorities, which have the power to punish students deemed in breach of the rules.
    Punishments range from fines to rustication – the suspension of a student for a period of time – or expulsion, known as ‘sending down’.”

    Note that this is happening/happened at University of Oxford. The changes made in the dress code were in order to safeguard the interests of the LGBTQ Community and I totally support such changes.

    As yours sincerely has time and again said that while the student does not entirely agree with the Notices (and there are several more), but the only issue which the student has is the way it has been interpreted and portrayed on this blog. There are various ways to put forward your points, and this will certainly not classify as the most civil way. Lawctopus calls itself a website dedicated to future prospective lawyers, and such a site should really know the effective way to manifest concerns of students.

  79. 4th comment

    @Comment No. 14 by the Administrator: Are you saying that students’ winning some moot competition in RGNUL is a farce? Because really if you are, in your words, “juxtapose(ing) China’s lack of democracy with its development stories to show the contrast”, is totally different and unrelated a scenario. I am greatly shocked by your use of analogy. This is last thing which I could have expected from the much-loved website of yours, because clearly following your illustration, you’re only trying to belittle the University even more.

    And sure, as much as I am appreciative of the fact that you have collected your sources well and have even made the notices available for download, you should realise that these notices were only meant for the Intranet which outsiders have no access to and hence is not meant for them. Likewise, there are several other reasons which are not known to you owing to the fact that you are not INSIDE the campus. And without knowing the entire situation of the college and it’s vicinity, what you have done, is just made baseless assumptions of the same reasons. If I had to presume in the same way as you, I would say you have only put up such a post to garner more traffic to your blog. But see? I won’t say that. Because your reasons could as well be bonafide. In a similar way (and mark that I did not make a comparison of your reasons to anything internationally controversial), you really should comprehend the entire facts of the situations before making any such presumptions. Which you obviously can’t, since you are not a student here and hence are in no position to assess correctly.

    And for god’s sake, please either remove the inset picture or at least have the courtesy to remove the caption beneath. You’ve not only humiliated the University enough, but also these students who actually worked hard at garnering laurels for the University.

    • @Comment No. 14 by the Administrator (RGNUL Student): China’s development is not a farce. Its for real. It becomes small because of China’s anti-democratic acts.

      So, while RGNUL students continue to win laurels and make college proud, the administration leaves a lot to be desired. Hope you get the drift.

      You never have ‘complete’ information about anything. ‘Reasonable’ information is good enough. At the same time, a notice is ‘complete information’ in itself. We haven’t put it in parts, or edited it. What you see is what you get.

      And we really don’t need controversy to drive up our traffic. We are getting great traffic otherwise too.

      BTW you are welcome to write about the ‘entire facts’.

  80. ‘UNEXPECTED’ and other posters: DO NOT SHOOT THE MESSENGER!

    What Tanuj has posted is the tip of the iceberg. In fact most RGNUL students are delighted that this news has reached Lawctopus.

  81. I think ‘RGNUL Student’ has unfortunately developed very high tolerance when it comes to restrictions being imposed on personal liberties. As a student of Constitutional law, it is a matter of great shame that he/she is not aware of his/her fundamental rights. These restrictions are not at all reasonable.

    I congratulate Lawctopus and the whistleblower who leaked this information. The post is undoubtedly in good faith. It is unthinkable that someone is actually defending the institution. Our administration is the scum of the earth.

  82. Hi!

    just wanted to bring to your attention taliban means students.

    so its only obvious rgnul will have them.

    is the rest of your post also as well researched as your heading? just wondering.

  83. Tanuj, such an unresponsible post was never expected on this website. Dude, the electricity supply has been could have been cut off as a money saving measure. Also, there are many NLUs which don’t allow shorts in the classes.

    Be responsible, Tanuj. Hope you will think twice before posting such craps. Grow up, and be responsible.

  84. the rules here are too arbitrary. If your phones are caught in class room they are confescated for a week, and if caught the second time its for a whole MONTH..! Plus a 2000 rs. Fine.
    They are cutting off electricity supply in the hostels from 0900hrs to 1500hrs thts pathetic, i mean if a student is not feeling well even then he has no place to take rest. They are imposing heavy fines on the students who are short of lectures. So anyways this power cut rule is absurd.
    Talking about the ”language” used by the author, i think its totally ok. The newspapers have recently used much more derogatory language, and this is just a blog.
    And i guess as soon as the college authorities are going to see this post.
    The lawctopus website would be banned here in the campus. Just like the news websites that were blocked temporarily.

  85. I am not very sure about not giving them electricity, if it is not required then well, good! But about not wearing shorts to college, I dont see anything that is wrong. We are not going to a party or a mall where we can wear anything to. If future lawyers cannot follow a dress a code I dont understand how they will follow one at the Courts or I dont see even one law firm allowing shorts!!

  86. Well SC Judges do not allow the lawyers to appear before them without the gown on or without having white shirt,,, is it DRACONIAN or is it TALIBAN -LIKE… how can u compare one NLS with the other on such grounds… I must say the NLSIU stopped throwing parties after events in the FARM HOUSE which they used to give 3-4 years back and for obvious reasons need not to be used here… the Parties which used to get converted into R-Parties…

    Well i dont think such things to be mentioned and published… U need to focus on other parameters and see how the students therein are performing or have performed… Lot to be researched and introspected before writing anth… moreover getting these Notices (Source???) must also be revealed…

  87. It’s nothing short of ‘Wadiya’ in RGNUL. (Reference to the awe famous bollywood movie ‘The Dictator’). Let it be the attendance issue, the exam rules or the uniform hype, there is a thoughtless law on everthing.
    The finger-slash gesture is everywhere! Sigh.

  88. 3rd comment

    Also, if the administrator will please elucidate regarding the relevance of the inset photograph. Has it occurred to Lawctopus that the students in the photograph might take offence for wrongfully depicting them .. “Prizes for Prisoners” .. really?!

    • @ Pic We might have been ventured too far with the cheeky tagline to the pic. However, didn’t mean to offfend the students at all. Sincere apologies if we did.

      The idea behind the pic: just as you juxtapose China’s lack of democracy with its development stories(to show the contrast); so did we in this case.

  89. 2nd comment

    What the student is simply trying to express is that although the University actions are definitely not in the best interests of justice and freedom, labeling them as “Taliban”-istic or “draconian” for that matter, is going too far from the real truth. I will agree with “Truth Be Told”, that yes, they are capricious and callous, the use of terminology by Lawctopus will not only vex the students of the University but also there parents and relatives. I would humbly request you to please refrain from maligning anyone or any University in such a deprecating and belittling manner, where in actuality you are vastly uninformed.

  90. The rules are nothing less than expressions of eccentricity, uniforms are a part of a law students life and making them compulsory for two days in a week is fine, but not allowing boys to wear shorts or chappals is stupid. Plus has anyone noticed on the first notice that ” those who don’t wear uniforms on Tuesday or Friday shal forego their attendance for that whole day” I mean, seriously? Not to mention the rule that electricity shall be cut off from 9 am to 3 pm. Students who are unwell are now supposed to melt in the heat? An rgnul student has to go in a bus, spend almost 45 minutes daily just to go to college and come back to the hostel. It’s not that cold here yet and the weather is still relatively hot as compared to the last month or two. I wouldn’t say that they are draconian or “Taliban-like” but they sure are arbitrary and sadistic.

  91. We people here at Symbi noida have a similar dictatorship. NO Shorts only uniform you cant bunk classes and sit in the canteen cuz the dictator forces to go to class or else leave the premises.And on top of that we are told that its a school and not a college we are made to write applications for not bringing thee I- Card, application for not wearing the right uniform, lectures for wearing sports shoes and sporting studs or colored and fashionable hair is a crime here.
    Dear RGNUL friend i must say u have said all this in good faith but u just cant ignore the fact that it is putting restrictions and violating your right to live freely. I totally agreee with the admin do give it a thought cuz we are facing such a dictatorship but still are so shameless that we wear shorts.

  92. Derogatory terminology? We’ll say ‘artistic freedom’. And if we think its draconian, we’ll use ‘draconian’. ‘No Shorts in Classrooms’: I won’t think twice before labeling it as Taliban-like.

    ACs in hostels? Great. But how does that justify cutting off electricity supply from 9 am to 3 pm in hostels? And am sure all our parents are souls caring enough not to cut-off electricity supply for 6 hours EVERYDAY.

    And Universities have all the media (their websites, press releases etc.) to spread their good deeds. Am sure ‘ACs IN HOSTEL’ makes for a full page in your University’s brochure which will be distributed to 25,000 CLAT aspirants. But will the brochure mention ‘NO SHORTS IN CLASSROOMS’?

    It’s this mess which never gets out. And so I think its the duty of a well circulated website to come out with such write-ups, and come up with it with full force.

    It will surely help the CLAT aspirants. It might even get RGNUL to re-think.

  93. 1st comment

    While it is accepted that such provisions have indeed been notified to the students, I think it is highly offensive for a well-circulated website like Lawctopus to attribute any derogatory terminology to the same.
    First of all, our hostels are the only hostels among all National Law Universities, to provide air-conditioning facilities to the students. Second of all, the weather since a week has been seemingly chilly in the morning. Most of us do not even use the ACs. I hardly think even our parents allow us to use the ACs at our homes all the time.
    While I am not justifying any of the actions taken by the University and there are several times where even I feel that such actions are quite irrational but I also feel that as a “responsible blogger” you should not really have thrown such a disparaging and insulting light on the University. After all, it’s posts such as these which discourage and veil on a lot of good stuff which the University does have, despite all of this.

  94. Hi,

    Thank you for your comment.

    ‘Forcing’ students to attend classes by cutting off electricity at places where they reside is draconian. You might then even start torturing students to make them attend classes!

    These measures are surely authoritarian, ‘Taliban-like’. And we wouldn’t want to use a lesser word. Also, it would be very boring in case we start choosing our words so timidly, so cautiously…

    We don’t want to create a controversy with the titles we use; however we can surely keep the title lively instead of boring.

    PS- and we are not journalists, just responsible bloggers.

  95. With reference to the electricity poster, unless you have specific information to indicate that it was to compel attendance, your conclusion is just another possible justification.

    The cut could in fact be due to the change in weather (which justifies AC cuts but not power) or as a general austerity measure due to financial constraints. The notice only talks about “curtailing”, does it mean complete cutting off? (can someone from RGNUL comment?)

    While, you’re entitled and free to draw your conclusions – I hope you had enough factual basis in this case – specially if you wanted to take the extreme (and in my view, petulant) step of labeling a university’s administration something as charged as “Taliban”.

    A law student who believes in responsible journalism.

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