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Internship Opportunity @ Talekar and Associates, Mumbai, Aurangabad: Apply by Sep 10


Talekar and Associates is a litigation law firm providing exceptional legal service in the High Court of Bombay (Principal seat and Bench at Aurangabad) and the Supreme Court of India since 1983.

Area of Practice

The Firm’s practice areas are myriad and involve Constitutional issues in both Civil and Criminal litigation.

Office Culture

We have a dedicated training program and resources for our interns. We pride an insanely large collection of books on every thinkable subject as well as the online legal databases aiding to build your research skills from all sides. The Firm is based only on meritocracy valuing talent and sincerity.

Being an extremely workaholic group of individuals, we spend most of the time in the office. At the same time we are a fun loving lot and have regular recreational activities. Interns get a good opportunity to interact with the members of the Firm in an informal setting.

Nature of Responsibilities
  • Case-law Research
  • Drafting Index/Synopsis, Compliance letters, notices as well as petitions and appeals etc.
  • Preparing case-notes for every case
  • Shadowing Court appearances and taking notes
  • Preparing dockets
  • Filing matters in Court
  • Serving notices

The interns are assigned mentors in the Firm who would personally supervise the work done by their interns. Personal attention is paid to each intern and their productivity and learning.

What we are looking for:
  • Diligent and hard-working students having no qualms to stay the night if work so demands
  • Students having a passion for the law
  • Students with an interest in Court-room advocacy
  • Good research skills
Application Process

Kindly send a 250 word essay OR a 2 minute video detailing your interest in the Firm and why you think the Firm should select you to its mentorship program. Interested candidates may send their application along with their CV at [email protected]


The Firm is looking to offer internship so as to gauge suitability for a PPO and we prefer an internship period of atleast 3 months.


Apart from the great learning opportunity with extraordinary exposure, we ensure that when we see potential we grant work autonomy even to interns. We also believe in financial autonomy to interns and we pays a monthly stipend depending upon the work productivity.

A more significant benefit of the internship is that the Firm uses internships as a medium to understand suitability of the students to the office, and a promising intern is certain to be offered an employment opportunity and we would be delighted to see you as a part of our family in the future!

Even if the internship does not translate into a PPO, you would still leave with a long-term relationship with an established litigation firm.

Place of work: Mumbai and/or Aurangabad.

Last Date for applying: 10th September, 2018.



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