It’s Dangerous to Take an IP University Examination [READER’S BLOG]

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So since my exams are finally over and so is my fourth year, I have beef to be picked up with IP University.

For the uninitiated, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University is a state university for Delhi, where over a 1000’s colleges are affiliated. (Rough estimate)

First of all, I am in my fourth year and have taken 8 sets of externals which the University decides. So I am not new to the whole exam taking process and neither are my batch mates.

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Our center for this year (4th Year) was an unearthly gorforsaken college (Trinity College) in the middle of nowhere in Dwarka. The location you may ask provides the Dwarka District Court within a distance of 500 meters and the HEAD POLICE STATION of Dwarka (Sector 10) within another 1 km.

There are police vehicles apparently patrolling throughout the area, and I have seen it for myself.

Last year my best friends car was broken into. By smashing the mirror and my friends’ phones were stolen. We filed an FIR, but let me tell you, it was an ordeal that lasted for over 3 hours. After the incident or irrespective, we were told we can take our bags inside.

However, this semester, we were told to leave our bags in our cars/outside (with the guard who took NO RESPONSIBILITY for the same) and when I repeatedly tried to address the issue, I was dismissed by both the IP Staff and the college staff. The cars were parked less than 50 meters from the college. Even the drivers would usually go out and eat during the paper.

This time, 3 thefts have happened when cars have been BROKEN into and our plight falls on deaf ears. We should leave the phone with “shopkeepers”. And phones are not their responsibility. Many students AGAIN lost their phones, wallets and today an entire bag?

You hold papers 2-5 in unearthly corners of the city. What if a girl has to travel by metro to Noida? What if people are coming all the way from Faridabad? I am sure there was a time that existed without phones, but then the city was not as unsafe.

Instead of telling us to not get phones, improve your God damn centers. It’s not a favour that you’re doing for us. It’s your God damn duty.

IP University, wake up. It’s not 1980’s anymore. Make your centers safe or allow our bags. It’s not unreasonable. And besides, your own admit cards says “Mobiles not allowed in the examination HALL.” And not CENTER.

Learn the difference and maybe then you can take the duty of educating our youth.

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