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Love is Vastly Overrated, Give Me Healthy Lust Any Time

I am not happy about either choice; because if it is the latter, then you will never ultimately be happy, since you will keep on blaming, at least sub-consciously, the love of your life for holding you back from what you think, you could have been or when you compare your 1.5 lakhs a month at the end of your professional life with those bookish, nerdish friends who are pulling ten times as much and were doing so when you plateaued out. If you take the former, then you will have no life at all. By Protik Da
work life balance, law students, lawyers, love

A Junior Professional Lover (Lawyer)

In a voice steeped in love and overwhelmed with fear—a balancing act that makes you sound like a frog with a sore throat—you finally say “Hi babbu”, cupping the phone to your ear and lips, whatever, and making small sounds that could have been dry kisses; she just called since she was missing you so much, especially since its been two hours since you last met at the CCD just after Court when you had told everyone that you were going to visit your sick aunt at the hospital, and she was wondering whether you could meet her for a while at the Mall because there was this new dress that she had seen and she just had to check it out with you, so that you could tell her whether it suited her or not. By Protik Da