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Internship Wadia Ghandy and Company, Pune

Internship @ Wadia Ghandy & Co, Bangalore: Productive Environment | Rated 8.5/10 | No Stipend

Since I have interned only once in Wadia Ghandy and by their expression and expectation of work, I think that it would be a hard nut to crack to get PPO there.
wadia ghandy internship, law firm, delhi

Internship @ Wadia Ghandy, Delhi: Learnt Due Diligence, Lots of Research

I mainly worked as an assistant to the associates, searching databases for citations, searching MCA website for various processes and contacts, I also helped them do some general work like true typing, printing and formatting of documents, and in the process I learnt the whole flowchart of how work is brought into the office, executed and then sent back to the client or other Wadia Ghandy offices.
wadia ghandy internship, law firm, delhi

Internship @ Wadia Ghandy & Co., Delhi: Co-operative Associates, Easy Interactions, No Stipend

No need to poke them, day in and out, if they like- they shall forward the same to the HR. They provide internship only for a month and in no case it stands extended. Posted by Saswatee Mohapatra. Anyone can post an internship experience HERE.