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Vikram Seth’s Poem on Gay Love: ‘Through Love’s Great Power’

To undo justice, and to seek To quash the rights that guard the weak - To sneer at love, and wrench apart The bonds of body, mind and heart With specious reason and no rhyme: This is the true unnatural crime.
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Center for Law and Policy Research’s Talk: “From Empathy to Contempt: Naz Foundation to Suresh Kumar Koushal” By Arvind Narrain [Jan 31, 5 pm; Bangalore]

This presentation will chart out the horizons of law which the Delhi High Court opened out to and the constitutional doors shut by the Supreme Court judgement. The presentation concludes by mapping the challenge of advancing the rights of LGBT persons as a socio-political and a legal struggle.
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On Koushal V. Naz and LGBTQ Rights: Statement by the Student Bar Association, National Law School of India University

We will continue to respond by participating in protests, releasing white-papers and reports on the concerns raised by the decision in Koushal, and ensuring that we continue to be a safe space for openness, inclusiveness, free thought and self-expression.

Demystifying the Naz Verdict: Where did the Courts go Wrong?

Historically speaking, there are only little over than 200 reported cases under Section 377 which have been registered, and most of these cases concern child abuse and sexual abuse. By Nipun Saxena, 5th year, NLU Delhi