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RESULTS: IICA-CCI Antitrust Programme for Young Fellows-2014 ‘Antitrust Writing Contest’

1st Prize: Geet Sawhney GLC Mumbai 2nd Prize; Kritika Sethi NALSAR Hyderabad 2nd Prize: Rohit Sharma NLU Delhi 3rd Prize: Ravikant Bhardwaj IIT Kharagpur

RESULTS: Nirma University’s 1st ADR National Research Paper Writing Competition 2014

Tania Singla [NLU, Delhi] and Gaurav Mohanty [Symbiosis Law School, Pune] take away the 1st Prize for two different topics. The other two topics did not have any 1st prize winners!

Results: JCSL (Research Associate Program) for Journal on Contemporary Socio Legal Issue

The Journal on Contemporary Socio-Legal Issue is pleased to announce the results for the JCSL- Research Associate Program