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Vasundhara is Looking for Research Assistants [Bhubaneshwar]: Research on Forest Rights Act; Apply by June 20

Vasundhara is seeking research assistant(s) for a research study on the provisions of community forest rights under the Forest Rights Act. This research is being coordinated by Vasundhara, Bhubaneswar [1] and Kalpavriksh, Pune[2] and is part of a national Community Forest Rights Learning & Advocacy process [3].

Delhi Based Research Assistants Required by Prof. Shubhankar Dam of SMU School of Law

Prof. Shubhankar Dam, Singapore Management University School of Law, Singapore, is looking for 2 research assistants to conduct research on a topic on law and governance in India. It will involve collecting and collating data, locating legislation and articles, finding cases and preparing notes etc. Basic knowledge of modern Indian political history will be useful!

Rajiv Gandhi Research Assistants to Legislators (RG-RALS); Apply by May 15

The RG-RALs program provides a unique opportunity to work with a cross-section of MPs from the Indian National Congress on cutting edge policy and legislative challenges facing India.