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A Letter To You: How I Transformed My Life and My Abilities by Ramanuj Mukherjee

Are you just going through the motions of what is meant to be success – or are you really doing what you are doing today from a place of passion? Are you really motivated, or are you doing what you are doing because you are supposed to do it?
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Roll-up your Sleeves, Pull-up your Socks: How to Build The Law School You Want

If you have ever visited NLS, you would be able to imagine what that area was like back in the 80s. The IT boom was yet to hit Bangalore, it was a sleepy pensioner’s paradise. Nagarbhavi wasn’t even considered to be a village, it was literally inside a jungle. By Ramanuj Mukherjee

I Have a Dream : Teaching Crores of People

My goal is not to achieve normal results as a teacher - the task at hand is to make legal education accessible in a country where respect for the legal system is going down day by day. Teaching hundreds of students every year will not satisfy me - I want to teach thousands, and one day crores of people - and make legal education truly universally accessible in India. By Ramanuj Mukherjee
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Mending the holes in the law school dream – story of the most revolutionary law course ever

The M&A Law teacher was incidentally also sitting in the class. Quite impressed, I asked them if they knew what was the first step in an M&A transaction. They had no clue. They didn't even hazard any guess - they just didn't learn that sort of thing. I mentioned that the first step is a Letter of Intent. I thought perhaps they didn't understand my first question - and so asked them what a Letter of Intent is. No one, including the teacher, had any idea