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A Letter To You: How I Transformed My Life and My Abilities by Ramanuj Mukherjee

Are you just going through the motions of what is meant to be success – or are you really doing what you are doing today from a place of passion? Are you really motivated, or are you doing what you are doing because you are supposed to do it?

Size Matters? I was the Shortest Kid, then became Very Fat

You see I have actually experienced these things in my life, first being shortest kid in class, then suddenly gaining weight and becoming a laughing stock for everyone. So yes, I am very well aware of what I am talking. By Prakhar Tandon

Finding What You Love, Life Amidst a 6 PM Curfew & Writing [A Brief Take on Life in NLU Delhi]

Now as the end of the third semester draws close, I have come to the conclusion that in law school, you will find people who do everything and also people who do not do everything that law school has to offer. By Kudrat Agrawal
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The Autobiography of an Unknown NUALSian

NUALS (popularly known as Manalimukku Law College!) is located at Manalimukku in the middle of nowhere.

What it is like to be Gay

Hey, we can’t legislate on the matter of Marital Rape, since the law would be entering into the bedroom of the people, but aren’t we already sitting inside it, when we criminalise gay sex?