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Call for Papers: NLU Jodhpur’s Symposium on Forensic DNA [Oct 9-10]: Submit by Sep 15 | Sponsored by ICMR

However the application of DNA profiling in the criminal justice system has raised certain important issues such as issues of privacy, validity of its application by private laboratories, access to obtain body samples from the suspects, for how much duration should the body samples be stored, DNA profiling database of the Indian population etc.

Pre-Invite for NLU Jodhpur Cultural Festival NH-65 [Oct 9-12]: Ping Them by Aug 15

We would require the interested institution to kindly intimate us as to the following: (a) Whether your college would be interested to participate in the Festival and (b) Which of the above events your college is likely to participate in. We would be grateful if you could send a favourable response latest by the Aug

NLU Jodhpur’s Goes Bullish on Banking: 1st National Research Articles Competition [Only NLUs; July 31] + Banking Round Table on May 10

The Centre for Studies in Banking and Finance is an initiative of the National Law University, Jodhpur, which works to generate awareness in the field of banking and finance laws and related contemporary issues by conducting workshops and seminars involving the participation of industry experts, professionals & academicians.