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Internship @ United Way of Baroda, Vadodara: Great NGO Internship, Organizing Events, Friendly Environment

The biggest thing I learnt from the internship was how to communicate effectively with people at work place and get the job done!

Internship Experience @ YUWA, Hutup, Jharkhand: For the Love of Football and Rural Education

You should be adaptive/flexible, creative (not artistically, but generally) and ready for some massive loving by the kids!

Internship @ Teach For India, Pune: Teaching Art and Crafts | Preparation for MUNs

The children are very sweet and make you feel comfortable, the work environment is just like one at school, the person I was interning under was Nausheen and she was quite helpful.
Internship PUCL Jaipur, PUCL Internship Jaipur

Internship @ PUCL, Jaipur: Being Punctual, Field Work, Rated 10/10

You should join only if you can show professionalism and can be punctual and committed. You will have to work hard, since it is only what you work that is added in the certificate, which has no set format.

Internship @ ActionAid International, Bhopal: Case Analysis, Women Rights Research, No Stipend

The best thing was that I learnt a lot there, I got an opportunity to work at the grass root level for women rights. Every member of the organization is incorporated with team-spirit.
Internship The Hope Foundation, Kolkata

Internship @ Hope Foundation, Kolkata: Working With The Less Fortunate; No Stipend

I feel grateful to Hope Foundation, NGO, Kolkata for giving me a chance to do internship with them and I thoroughly enjoyed my internship finding a thin line and a major difference between what it actually is and what is being portrayed either by us or to us.
RLEK Internship Dehradun

Internship @ Rural Litigation Entitlement Kendra (RLEK), Dehradun: Field Work, Photography, No Stipend

I started enjoying my work there as we were given all kinds of help for making the adult education tools which included providing all the stationery, reading material, bare acts and so on; plus my work was also appreciated which encouraged me to work. By Shreya Jain of Amity Law School, Delhi

Internship @ People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL), Jaipur: Field Work, Lots of Learnings, No Stipend

At PUCL you are mostly required to do at least 3 empirical studies involving field work. Mine was visiting the Police Thanas in East Jaipur, visiting old age homes, and visiting night shelters.