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Internship Experience @ The Hindu, Chennai: A welcoming and enriching internship

My work at The Hindu mostly comprised of editing, writing bylines, columns and picking out pieces from the wire (desk job for the first two weeks) and interviewing, reporting and covering events, for the latter half of the internship. By Abhirrami Dharmaraj. National Law University, Odisha. 1st Year.

Internship @ The Hindu, New Delhi : The Place for Future Legal-Journos!

Apart from doing field work and covering events, main work would include framing stories. But, they are very particular about the language and the framing of the report. So, make sure you are in a regular habit of reading the paper.

Internship @ The Hindu, Delhi: Exciting Work; Tons to Learn, No Stipend

But personally for me, I learnt to handle criticism in a work environment. I did goof up once, was told what to do and then I worked my level best to improve. You also get to know the power of a newspaper agency that too as reputed as The Hindu. For instance, while doing a story on a now closed cinema hall, people were not comfortable opening up and sharing details. Tanya Singhal, Amity Law School, Noida, 3rd year

A Law Student’s Internship Experience at The Hindu (The Newspaper)

After the first week, special stories for the newspaper are assigned to an intern depending on his/her quality of work. Special stories may be of the choice of the editor or the interns’; stories are also, assigned based on the intern’s performance. During my period of four weeks, eight of my articles featured in The Hindu with authorship credits. Pranjit Kumar Bhattacharya (Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies BILS, Bangalore), 1st year