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Internship Experience @ Sagar Chandra & Associates, New Delhi: IPR related work, performance-based stipend

My work profile mostly consisted of hunting down case laws for important propositions and drafting various types of forms required in IPR.

Internship Experience @ A & A Law Office, Delhi: Friendly Associates, Honesty & Sincerity Appreciated

Though it’s a small firm, but its only at such firms that you can gain true knowledge. It was one of my most productive internships and I would recommend this firm to those who are willing to learn. By Anisha, HNLU Raipur

Internship Experience @ Amicus Technologies, New Delhi: Rs. 5000 Stipend, Law + Tech Startup

This internship has not only improved my legal knowledge but also helped me to improve knowledge about technology. It also taught me that technology and law need to be learnt together.