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Internship Experience @ United Chambers of Law, New Delhi: Stipend of Rs. 3500 for 15 days

The biggest lessons learnt from the firm were that no case is big enough not to crack. I wish to had spent some more time there.
Internship Dua Associates, Delhi

Internship @ Dua Associates, Gurgaon: Company Law & FDI Policy Research, No Stipend

It is a common thing for interns to approach Associates in both litigation and corporate departments for work and most likely all of them happen to have some work for you. The advantage of not restricting myself to one Associate or one dept. was getting a variety of work in Companies Act, Customs and Excise, Stamp Act, Taxation Law, Food Safety and Security Act etc.

Internship Experience @ The Chamber of Law, New Delhi: Associates who teach you

TCL deals with both civil and criminal side but we were supposed to intern in civil side. As we had not read the CPC so the area was new for us. In the starting days of internship they used to give us files and judgments to read. After 10-12 days they started to allot work to us. By Vishnu Tandi, 3rd year, ITM University, Gurgaon
clasis law internship, clasis law delhi

Internship @ Clasis Law, Delhi: Infrastructure Law Research, Rs. 5000 Stipend

Apart from the small things the associates used to tell us, I learnt that one should not work to impress his/her associate or partner, but to learn the intricacies of law because that is what is going to help us in the long run.
Internship Experience @ Khaitan & Company, Kolkata

Internship @ Khaitan & Co., New Delhi: Premier Law Firm, Friendly Work Environment, 5K Stipend

Khaitan & Co. though being a mainstream and top law firm of our country has an excellent and friendly work environment where everyone is more than happy to help each other. By Kanhai Srivastsava, CLC, DU