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Internship @ Adish Aggarwala Law Chambers, Delhi: Clerical Work, Friendly Atmosphere, High Profile Visits, Rs. 6000 Stipend [3rd Prize Winner]

The most important thing to keep in mind when applying is to mail him sufficient number of times till you get a reply, also when you call him, you should mention the name of your college, bold and loud. That’s one of the major criteria of selection. Another tip worth mentioning: A laptop is a

Internship Experience @ Chetanalaya, New Delhi: Taught me the worth of every work, however small it may be

My internship at Chetanalya gave me an experience worth cherishing. I learnt how to perform effectively and efficiently in a team. The plight of the poor brought forth by the NGO made me more sensitive towards the issues of poverty. By Rashi Shahrawat; ITM Law School; First Year

Internship @ TERI (The Energy and Resource Institute), Delhi: My first internship experience made me self dependent

I said since I am a first year law student, hence was not well versed with law work and asked her to provide me with some research work on environment. On such response she asked me to make a report on climate change in reference to various industries. I was quite ecstatic with my new