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Call for Papers: NUSRL Law Review

Call For Papers: NUSRL 2 Day National Seminar on Tribal Rights 2015 [May 23-24, Ranchi]; Submit Abstracts by April 30

Abstract on any of the themes mentioned above in not more than 200 words can be sent to dr.shwetamohan312@gmail.com or priyavijay29@gmail.com on or before 30th April 2015.

Call for Papers: National Seminar on Gender Equality and Feminism 2015 [May 2-3, Dehradun]; Submit Abstracts by April 14

Full papers not exceeding 5000 words are to be sent to the organizing committee on or before 21st April 2015 on libranationalseminar2015@gmail.com

Call for Papers: IFHE’s National Seminar on Corporate Spectrum [April 10-11, Hyderabad]; Submit Abstracts by March 25

An abstract of not more than 300 words and full paper not exceeding 5000 words should reach the Seminar Co-ordinator. The papers should be sent to folseminar@ifheindia.org

Call for Papers: Amity Law School Noida’s Seminar on Commercial Surrogacy in India [Feb 6]; Submit by Jan 31

A one day national seminar is proposed to be organized on commercial surrogacy in India. The cases of commercial surrogacy show a constant rise and the issue assumes a serious view having regard to its linkage to the exploitation of women from BPL segment.