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Interview with the RGNUL Team, Runners-up @ KIIT Moot 2014: A worm’s-eye view of what makes magnificent mooters

The process of preparation was very long and hectic. We started our preparations in the third week of June which came to an end with the valediction of the competition. Since KNMCC provides you two propositions to work on, you would require double the preparation time as compared to other moots which have a single proposition.
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Interview with the Winning NLUO Team of the NUJS Justice Dr. BP Saraf National Tax Moot 2014 [+ DOWNLOAD MEMORIALS]

Mooting is not just about working on a particular area of law. The experience which one gets during the whole process of doing a moot is something which you won’t learn anywhere. As a mooter, you should focus upon yourself rather than under-estimating or over-estimating other teams.

Interview with the Winning SLS Pune Team of The NLU Antitrust Law Moot Competition 2014

One of the definite highlights of the finals (apart from the results) was when Dr. Geeta Gouri said that she would be taking our memorials back to New Delhi. At that point we decided that if we lost, this would be enough of a win.
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Interview with the Winners of the Pro Bono Moot Court Competition 2013 (SLS Pune)

It is a very different form of learning. In other research assignments you can wander as per your ideology and present the case however, in a Moot you have to keep yourself confined to the requirements of the proposition

Nani Palkhivala Moot: Special Talk with Runners-up Team Coach and Funny Instances: Scream Tax, Tax and More Tax, “Plead Till You Bleed” and the...

I can think of three funny instances. In the course of practice pleadings, the speakers often referred “machinery provision” as “missionary provision”.

INTERVIEW: How They Nearly Won the Nani Palkhivala Moot Court Competition : Being Cocky, Bitter Teams, Toughest Competitors

And for me, nothing beats the pleasure of interpreting and twisting the law in your favour.
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24 Carat Advice on Trial Advocacy Moot Courts : Interview with the Surana Stars of the Symbiosis Team

I think what really attracted me to the moot is the fact that it was a 'mock trial' so it was actually nothing like an ordinary moot so I thought it would be a nice experience. Interview by Neeati Narayan. Interview a famous student, a lawyer or your faculy and publish the interview by loging in HERE with your Facebook/Google account

6 Tips (Actually More) on Drafting Moot Memorials and Moot Court Strategies- Part I

1. Use precise and simple English in your moot memorials. 2. Present facts from the point of the view of the side which is presenting the memorial. 3. Have a good index and pagination. Using 1, 2,3 and i, ii, iii etc. can be confusing for the judges. 4. Tackle objections which might come from the other side. Negate or distinguish the cases which might be used by the other party. 5. Use spiral binding and good quality paper. Presentation matters. 6. Have multiple copies of every document you want to use. Have one copy for every judge and save time!