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Internship @ Chambers of Sidharth Luthra: Research on Criminal Cases in NEWS!

The best thing about Mr. Luthra’s office is Mr. Sidharth Luthra himself. He is a very sober and down to earth person. He is very polite while interacting with his interns. Also the cases he deals with are mostly hyped criminal cases so the research work becomes all the more interesting.

Internship @ Luthra and Luthra Law Offices, Delhi; Rated 9/10

The associates at Luthra and Luthra are very friendly, helpful and co-operative as well and are ready to hear you if you have any problem. On stipend: I heard from one the interns that Luthra and Luthra only provide stipends to law students form NLU’s and as I am from non-NLU law school stipend was not given to me.